How long before surgery should I stop smoking weed? Ask Dr Schulman

The quick answer is depends, every result you get from plastic surgery is different. However, your body will continue to change over time so I like to tell my …


  1. oopsies old mate came over and gave me a blunt today and yesterday oopsies had a little tobacco and weed together. i rarely smoke though hopefully it does not impact my operation on thursday

  2. weed isnt bad no one has ever died from it. People have killed themselves while doing something stupid after smoking but smoking in itself in over 2,000 years not even one reported death from the substance.

  3. I got my teeth pulled yesterday all they say that happened if u smoke atfer getting the pulled out I'm doing fine no no swelling no pain no nothing everybody's different I guess

  4. I got told today after I use weed for an anti depressant and I’ve lost 80kg, I saw the surgeon and just crushed me when he told me that I had to give up smoking. I understand all the whys but I feel like asking if they drink coffee and then me telling them to just stop cold turkey. I’m really struggling with this one.

  5. I just got my teeth pulled and I just need to smoke but idk if it ok or not like they are talking about dry socket but even with a joint…I'm frustrated

  6. I had a rhinoplasty and I smoked daily up until 2 days before my surgery lol or maybe a day before I just used hemp wrap stopped nicotine blunts 7 days before – I was perfectly fine. Also smoked after lol weed pen

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