1. Tell me Neil that in the end at the end of the day it has to do with the color of the Tricombs and please tell me they will mature and die as they turn Amber, hang eventually and fall off! Because I’m just going on those

  2. Listen bud that can’t be true because I have a white widow grown in my life that went over 120 days? All three that I did. Yeah they all went at different times but it was all just like a photo. In fact day one flower way like a photo. I had to wait till flower and count. Why did you say it’s from seedling because my experience is quite different I mean we are talking about the same kinda plants correct?

  3. What u think about Sm-90 and Diamond nectar?? What ppm should I go to for my 2 week old vegs autos, I heard around 600 ppm but your book says 400 (I bought and read your book)

  4. I ask because I am a lead grower on a commercial farm in Washington State. We have 6 acres of canopy space to fill, hoop houses and green houses. We have been tossing around the idea of autos but we are all virgins in that field. I am a fellow YouTuber and teacher of the ways of cheapness and I would love to talk to you outside of this medium.

  5. I grow photoperiods indoors in soil at temps of about 65-74 on average and my Blue Cheese takes 9 and Blue Dream takes 11 weeks to go from 12-12 to harvest. I use clones off mothers and have gotten the same results each time.

  6. my first grow, that im still on. I switched the light cycle before they were showing sex, because I wanted to find the females.. should I go longer for flower stage because of this ? How bad is this gonna hurt my plants ? so far they look and smell great. I'm on like week 5 of flower.

  7. Need help I'm on my second grow the first run I cut to early I have to autos pass there breeders ET I have new white hairs growing I have cloudy trics and Amber here there maybe 1 or 2 in a area what do I do

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