High & Hungry (Original Cannabis Cafe)

Literally, the only LEGAL cannabis restaurant/cafe in the United States and it is taken over by the High & Hungry crew. The Original Cannabis Cafe is located in …


  1. dat device that e zone was using to smoke dabs
    wtf was that, awesome stuff….
    great energy right here, much love… haven't had a beer in WEEKS
    its all discipline, just like what E ZONE MENTION, WITH THE MEAT…

  2. MUCH LOVE B REAL…..i went to the original Cannabis Cafe In Vancouver ……In the late 90s bro , Bought Seeds from Marc Emory.and got my Herb at the Colosseum.When these fresh cats think the know all about the herb I just laugh inside…tjey don't know what we do…lol!!!!!!

  3. Hey Latin thug today for You not is Just have today for high ideal also guerrilla miniature in tipology of cypress hill …?!

  4. Ever wonder how a restaurant that is famous for a whopper come out with a beyond whopper ! That is supposed to taste exactly like their whopper which is supposed to have real meat ,But I love your whoppers B.K I'm just ranting..

  5. The dude in the plaid is awkward lol get him off the show…the main dude is legit, but he needs more ppl like him to make these episodes watchable

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