Growing Cannabis – Community Grow Channel 2-16-20

Growing Cannabis – Community Grow Channel 2-16-20 —————————————————————————– Octane Grow Tent Official Website & Store: …


  1. Can somebody help me plz
    Like i got a question
    So my girls started havin some problems so i decided to flush them yesterday .
    Growing in coco with perlite added week 3/4 of veg atm.
    I flushed with an ec of 1.0 and ph 5.8 yesterday and today i watered them and the runoff is 0.6-0.5 ec and ph 6.2-6.1 Does this meen i need to up my growschedule ? or is everything fine the way it's going.
    Sorry for the question

  2. nice to see another upload from you

    Could you maybe next time give a lil more info about your ec during veg and flower periods? and how mutch you ad of what?

    also do you start with RO water or plain tap water with the remo nutrients.

    GRtz and peace !

  3. Looking great i gotta say, non growers really have no idea just how much work & effort it takes to set up & maintain a grow ( i only have a 4×4 & a 2×4 id love a 8×4 )
    This virus is really bad shit, This is by far the worst one of recent times ( sounding like a conspiracy nut but these Sars virus etc are man made in some lab & escaped by accident..i think that) but they are saying this will kill millions of people??? I sure hope they are wrong.. anyway cant wait to see these tents flower out ( lol you're thinking me too ) as you have had some bad luck of late, been there myself it sucks…anyway thanks for sharing 👍

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