Growing Cannabis 201 – Advanced Grow Tips – Complete Course

Advanced growing complete course on growing cannabis. 00:35 – Part 1: Best soil mix for growing cannabis Learn what soil mix is best for growing cannabis.


  1. Thanks for all the soil stuff👏, I took neat hand written notes on all the soil basics and moving on to super soil p.2😁 I was sold when you said the weed is only as good as the medium it's growing in. So right, plus a proper pH balance for my high pH and high alkaline tap water would benefit me greatly in a super soil.

  2. This recipe for super soil is a disaster. The elements are correct, but the imprecise kiddie pool ratios are a joke and cannot be replicated unless you are using the same container to mix

  3. Hi I have a question. I started from seed in a seed starting mix then at week 3(plants were about 8 inches tall) I transplanted into miracle grow performance organics potting mix. The ratio on their bag says 6-1-1. So my question is, do I need to add any additional nutrients during the vegetative stage? Perhaps some potassium since you said to veg your plants with a 2-1-6 ratio?? I've been trying to figure this out for 2 weeks…. Please help, this is my first grow. I have only fed them water with superthrive

  4. Excuse me sir, I bought a non-switchable LED light because my HPS light was too hot for the dimension of my gb. Given that the LED one has 150W and the HPS one has 250W, I thought that could be a good think to switch from LED to HPS during the flowering stage, in order not only to facilitate the growth leaves, stem and flowers, but also to increase the production of THC, given the higher wattage; do you agree with me ? The only big problem I could face with this solution is, as I said, the heating (I have a 80x80x170 come gb).. do you have any good advice ? Quick last question, to eliminate the male buds I just have to cut the pollin sacks off? Thank you for helping, your channel is gold and your good work is pariseworthy; continue that way <3

  5. Can you please share your opinion on how many l.e.d. lights and which brand you would recommend in a 2000 sq,ft coco coir indoor grow?
    All advice will be appreciated.

  6. Why is it that I see some that say the Ph should be between 5-6 or 5.5-6.5 or 6 – 7??? Where should the Ph be? I've been watering my girls when forced to until my meter and Ph up and Ph down gets here.

  7. A good way to tell if a bud has bud rot, is the leaves on the bud will start to dry out and crisp (while the rest of the plant is fine). Bud rot attacks the plant and cuts off circulation, causing the plant to die off in that area. Section off the plant from others and dispose of the cola as soon as you see it and control humidity/air flow. Bud rot spreads very easily under high humidity.

  8. GAIA GREEN 4-4-4 and 2-8-4 organic nutrient mix. Cheap compared to bottle nutrients and you only have to mix the soil at first and top dress every 3-4 weeks with 2tbps per gallon. It lasts forever and is completely organic.

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