Fenbendazole: Live Test on Non-Cancer Patient Day 61 – Every day for 61 days

Fenbendazole: Live Test on Non-cancer patient Day 61 – Every Day for 61 days Fenbendazole: Live Test on Non-Cancer Patient Day 100 – Discovery of Liver …


  1. The dose in the video is "1 gram packet" – to my knowledge, the package for the 40 pound dog is the smallest dosage available. In that box there are 3 packets of 4 grams meant to be given to 'your dog' 3 days in a row. SO – is that a misprint in the video . . . does one packet mean one gram or 4 grams? as a human dosage? Can anyone clear this up for me please?

  2. Turmeric is also an anti-angio-genesis food. Look it up on YT. It prevents blood from going to cancer cells. There's a list of many food that have this effect on the video; red grapes, tomatoes . . .

  3. You are probably not seeing the "raging news stories of Fenbendazole cancer cures" because the mainstream media has been told to ignore these success stories by the medical and pharmaceutical community who stand to lose the billions of dollars a year they have made over the decades from causing people to vomit and lose their hair until they die.

  4. I bought 2 individual packets of SAFEGUARD brand fenbendazol with a total of 6 one gram doses.

    I took one gram packet every four hours for 24 hours. Six grams total in 24 hours.

    Its been 7 days since my test ended with absolutely no side effects.

  5. I belive one of Tippen's latest comments is that MANY of he success stories that are reported to him are with fenbendazole only,
    so he seems to be saying that only fenbendazole seems to have great effect. For what that's worth.

  6. Have you seen the protocol used by Care Oncology Clinics, which includes a drug, mebendazole, which is related to fenbendazole? Their protocol is meant to be both an adjunct to conventional cancer chemo & radiation, and a maintenance protocol to delay or prevent reoccurrence. It includes 4 drugs (mebendazole, metformin, atorvastatin, & doxycycline), each of which attacks one or more metabolic pathways used by the cancer cells and make the cancer more susceptible. Like mebendazole, they may also have pleiotropic effects on a variety of different cancers. They have a major success story in that their protocol added to conventional therapy almost doubled the survival rate for glioblastoma patients. They have some remarkable success stories in individual cases, and they are doing a larger trial treating a number of different types of cancer. See their U.S. web site for more info. I am reading a remarkable book by Jane Mclelland "How to Starve Cancer…". She has survived about 20 years since her diagnosis of stage 4 cervical cancer by following a metabolic control of cancer regimen as adjunct to both conventional therapy and more alternative or complementary therapies such as high dose IV vitamin C, which creates ROS (reactive oxygen) to which the cancer cells are sensitized by her regimen of low glycemic index diet and various drugs & supplements that interfere with the cancer's metabolism. Haven't checked it out yet, but she also has web site & FB presence, I think. Most remarkably, she developed much of this regimen in the very earliest days of Internet before there was much medical info available online, and without formal training in biochemistry, pharmacology, etc. Appreciate the effort you have taken to be a guinea pig and share your experiences & the reference literature. Hard to get funding for clinical trials of regimens combining dietary modifications & use of non-patentable dietary supplents and off-label use of drugs off their patent. Joe Tippens is working with a foundation that is going to formally audit and document case reports of ppl who have used his protocol & reported back results (many success stories!) to him. Hope the info will become known to more conventional oncologists sooner rather than later. So many cancer patients don't have time to wait.

  7. Hello, please consider something called the Bob Beck Blood electrifier also. This is absolutely true technology that boosts ATP energy and intern the immune system very rapidly to the point many ppl including myself have herxed with it the first week or so. Ive known multiple ppl who this device has helped/saved there life. Good luck!

  8. the only part of this that I have quams with is "not consume animal fat". better: no veg at all and consume Only non processed animal meat, eggs and small fish. take no carbs !

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