FEBRUARY 2020 BEAUTY FAVORITES AND AMAZON NAIL FAVES~ Over 60 Mature Beauty~Fab & Glam over 50

In today’s video, I’ll be sharing my February 2020 BEAUTY FAVORITES AND AMAZON NAIL FAVES. Let me know your beauty favorites for February 2020! xoxo …


  1. I love a good eye patch for under eyes, those ones from Good Molecules sound nice and I know their price is really reasonable. I do want to try the Elf primer, heard nothing but good of it. Have a good week, much love xoxo 😘🙂

  2. That palette is pretty. But not a big fan of CT shadows. I've tried 2 palettes and returned it. The shades on me just blended and the also looks similar on ly lids lol. That is great is works for you and I'm sure Pillow Talk will look pretty on you. I did get the Pillow Talk intense blush and like that. And also the lipstick 3 intense. I like the elf eye primer too. I got sand and like that. I do need to do my nails more lol. Great favorites, Marlene!! XOXO

  3. Hi Marlene I was watching my life wendys video and she mentioned your channel and she showed your daughters bracelet the Serenity Bracelet and I have to say it is so beautiful and I went to her page and I am so touched and will be ordering one soon (as soon as payday gets here) I have to say you are so Beautiful and I love your wig collection in the back.. I am going to have a lot of fun going through all of your videos.. I am kind of new to wigs but my hair is thinning and I have worn them for about 6 or 7 months.. I am so glad I found your channel ..I also enjoyed hearing about your favorites.. Have a wonderful day.. Kim Xo

  4. Yes I am looking for that foundation ….. all of the points that I need … however as long as that company has been in business …. you would think that they would at least have a CR in their selection …. I am old …. I just don't want to look dead yet and those are the colors that they have …..dead old lady colors ….. I am fair to med so I can't do those colors ….. Big Bummer !!!! ….. and my favorites is the hair do that you are wearing in this video …. OMG …. You look Fab in it ….. !!! … Hugs …. Shirlene

  5. Hi Marlene, you look absolutely beautiful!!! This wig looks great on you. It is just precious. Thank you for sharing all your favorites and for all the tips, especially those about nails. I already ordered the glue and the nail remover from your Amazon page and can't wait to try it. Thank you, as I needed to find a reliable glue. Last week I heard about the Good Molecules Eye Patches and I ordered them, as well. You are absolutely right, as always, they are very hydrating. I can't believe how many things you do in your life. You are so talented. You know about everything. Now, I'm learning about nails from you, also. I have the Kiss's nails, but I was never able to find a reliable glue, so I gave up on them. Now, I can't wait to put them on with the glue you recommended. Your Amazon page is so well organized that it is amazing. You should definitely do a video on your Amazon haul, nails and one showing us how to squeeze so much work in a week, as you do. I admire you so much. My mother and I send you all the love and hugs in the world. Have a great week!!!

  6. Hi Marlene. Interesting products, I probably will try the E. L. foundation when I'll finish the Chanel I'm using I'm also curious about the Lancome concealer.

  7. Hi Marlene love this look!! My ears perked up when you mentioned the G A concealer thanks to you I love it, it can hurt your budget, I will definitely try the Lancome concealer. What are you using on your neck & decollate, looks flawless!! Be blessed.

  8. Hi Beautiful! You look so pretty in Cameron. Love it on you. And the color is so pretty. I loved hearing your favs. Ya know I enjoyed hearing about your manicure stuff. I've only ordered one nail polish from ILNP and I think it's Shamrock. It will be perfect for the holiday. I tried it out the other night on one finger and it applies so effortlessly. It holographic and sparkly. Love it. I will definitely be ordering more colors. Thanks for the tip about buying it direct from them. Lots and lots of love, xoxo Mary 🤗💜🙏 P.S. I just looked.. The name of the ILNP I got is Hide and Seek. Love it! 💜

  9. Hi Darling…The LA Girl Palette looks right up my street. We don't do LA Girl over here, but I got the big gold one from them when I was in the States last year and I love it. I'm gonna have to make some noise (like anyone is going to listen to me) because we don't have color pop either…..Big Hugs…..Bella xxxxx

  10. Hi Marlene, Yes $20.00 off is a big saving on CBD. I would also like to see your nail hauls. Your nails always look so nice. Good review my friend. 👍❤️❤️

  11. Good morning Marlene! I love watching your favorites videos. I always find some things I'd like to try. That foundation is calling my name! I'm trying to cut back on my buying so I can't get it all! Love you! Julie

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