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Team update on the duplication system. If you’re not on our Hempworx team and aren’t in yet, but want to be, opt in here: …


  1. I have finally gotten started promoting the business. I reached out to 11 people today. Also trying to do the 90 Day Blitz. Hoping it is going to help me become more focused and determined to be successful.

  2. the fact that we can duplicate step by step the exact strategy (and even the exact email templates) Mike is using to absolutely Kill It in Hempworx/MyDailyChoice is priceless. If this were any easier for us it wouldn't be real!

  3. A company heading into critical mass growth-exactly what you want. Fortunes are made here. You have a choice, you can do it alone- you still might do well just because of the timing of things. Or you can team up with marketing expert Mike Klingler who creates an entire marketing system for you- all you have to do is copy. Plus he and his team of marketers are building half your business for you. I'm not saying there's no work to do, because there is, but It'll never be easier than this! Why would you not??!!

  4. This is a fantastic way to get started at marketing online. You know you want to start somewhere and it should be with a whole pile of people that are going to help you build your business

  5. This marketing system is so amazing because it is so duplicatable. Everything you need for your success and that of your team is handed to you. It REALLY doesn't get any better than this.

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