Doug Bandow: The End of Pax Americana?

For the past seventy or so years, the United States of America has been the bastion of freedom and democracy, shining the light of its noble ideals around the …


  1. I'm not impressed by Doug, I think his analysis is fairly vacuous – that he has his own desired conclusions and has confected theories to support those conclusions. For example, he says that he agrees with Ronald Reagan's assessment that "the Soviet Union was an evil empire, that containment made sense" but he appears to conclude that China is not an equivalently evil empire. China treats its own population just as bad as the Soviet Union did, but whilst the Soviet Union physically invaded and controlled countries militarily China also invades and controls countries it just does it economically. The result is still the same, that China (like the Soviet Union) exists as a despotic regime committing crimes against humanity whilst establishing fealty from other minor nations. China should be subject to the same containment that the Soviet Union experienced.

  2. American retrenchment policy would run the risk of allowing the rise of China as the hegemon in East Asia. If history is any guide, history precedent suggests that British empire retreated itself and led to the Japan’s regional hegemonic status in the early twentieth century.

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