1. I’m so similar to you in the sense I get panic attacks before meds cause I’m worried of the side effects 😭 I’ve never met or known anybody who feels like that too, that makes me feel so much less alone thank you 🥺💜

  2. i was prescriped diazepam today by my dr because they didnt have xanax. i usually use xanax, i took one pill an hour ago. lets see if it helps with my GAD

  3. Hello! A very educational video, I’m on 10MG in the morning and 10MG in the afternoon. I can relate, I don’t feel get the drowsy feeling and it keeps me calm during the day. I take this due to an Anxiety Disorder.

    I hope you’re well.

  4. You seem like a nice decent woman..been on it for a year or so now when my dad died gf cheated all in 1 week..I'm starting to think it's been adhd all along and I used diazepam to help with it..I used to be pretty cool sesh with mates etc. And now I don't want vals anymore, it's a nice chill and without them I would of been in a fcking trainwreck but I miss of having a social life, at 27 I'm now accepting I got anxiety or adhd symptoms I have for a long time but I miss that fun side i used to have..i love a val high but its not potent its more like a comfy chair in a horrible world..personally I don't think I'm addicted or could be to vals but there are times where I find them so helpful..you seem like a smart girl..nice video

  5. Valium to me works but only for a short time, my body builds up a tolerance to it to fast but I enjoy taking it but hate the effects of addiction it can have. So I stop taking it for a few weeks then start n stop.

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