Denver Just Decriminalized Magic Mushrooms. Activists Say This is Just the Beginning.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this story reflected preliminary results that showed the decriminalization initiative losing. The video has been edited to reflect the …


  1. I've poped these once and yes peaceful world actually. . This is like alcahol or marijuana. Just shrooms adds really high mind state . Sure Gene's have to connect good to these drugs. It's a mind change I believe… who knows life is a option do you needit or you dont…

  2. Andrew Yang said he will decriminalize ALL drugs, including heroin. Based on the Portugal Model. Yang will do something NO other candidates, even Bernie, are willing to do. Why don’t you talk about that?

  3. As somebody whos life was saved by Psilocybin I can't wait until this becomes widespread. It's use healed me and saved me from the constant cycle of suicidal thoughts that plagued me. I can talk to people I don't know now. I don't have the hate in me to hate others anymore. I want to help people now. I want to be a good citizen now. I want a better life for myself and my family now.

    I don't give two shits if the government calls it illegal. Those laws were passed by stupid people anyway and I'm not stupid anymore. I can finally love again.

  4. Thank you to the people of Denver for helping me get past my own hesitations and finally take the plunge. Too bad shrooms doesn’t cure the disease of nonsensical libertarian ideology though. By the way people here look up Sam Seder debates libertarians. Your core ideology is trash. I know I used to be in the ayn rand cult thank goodness i escaped

  5. they are wanting to prohibit the CBD in my state and i might move cause of that i wanna move to Denver cause i wanna try mushrooms for my mental health

  6. I never understood the mentality of wanting to rule over others. People are happy to destroy a person's life because they smoke a bit of weed or do shrooms. You have to really detest human beings to throw someone in prison for getting high. It's madness.

    Many of the "anti-drug" crowd think people will be smoking meth out of a bright green bong in front of children. If you can't smoke a cigarette in front of a building what makes anyone think that things will get that bad?

  7. Sketchy af…….I wonder what harmful shit the government is gonna put in the shrooms. Why would they randomly legalize shrooms?? Seems like they are gonna poison us. Same with recreational marijuana.

  8. Too good to be true. Pharmaceutical companies will lose on this, and for some that powerful it is easy to make a mess and blame it on the mushroom. I am pessimistic enough, that anything that renders Prozac or similar useless, won't see the light, or if so not long enough. Add to that psilocybin ability of easing quitting many addictions including Tobacco and Alcohol (just google that..).
    This drugs have been used for thousands of years in some groups of humans, but not in our time of psychiatric drugs and tobacco companies.. So this might trigger a very huge shift. I honestly did not think this would ever happen, not even at this small scale.

  9. I’m still waiting for weed to go legal. Fuckin deep Swamp Democrat Politicians run New York and we just happen to have the highest taxes in the country plus everything’s fuckin illegal. Total BS

  10. Anyone who does drugs without a legitimate reason is a complete waste of oxygen. This is why companies drug test. Weed is worth working at McDonalds for worthless pieces of shit.

  11. And let me shame & blame New Jersey & New York for wanting to continue their failed war on drugs via marijuana. They just turned down an effort to legalize it. This is why old people in rich areas of NJ & NY maybe shouldn't live as long as big pharma is helping them too. Who really knows how big pharma is impacting our health long term by keeping dementia patients alive an extra couple decades then these people vote it just shittens up our society with more fear and bullshit regulations as they claim to love deregulation these people started the war on drugs.

  12. The Bill of Rights includes freedom of religion. Since most people in
    the government/legal field forgot we had a constitution and a bill of
    rights; back in 1993 when the government decided to take peyote away
    from the indigenous, the Freedom of Religion Restoration Act was passed.
    Stealing peyote from indigenous was the catalyst for this act, but it
    is not limited to peyote nor is it limited to indigenous. It is a
    reminder that we do have a Bill of Rights. So…. sacred medicines like
    mushrooms and marijuana have been legal and are legal all across the
    nation. Hopefully those who swore to uphold the law will begin doing
    that instead of bullying people because it is far more profitable. If
    they really want to go after the drugs; throw Monsanto in jail. The
    Nuremberg Trial Papers reveal a "state within a state" consisting of the
    big oil, big pharma, and big agricultural industries. This community of
    interests exists and persists despite common sense. If they really want
    to go after the drugs, preform raids on pharmacies selling Oxycontin.
    Go after the municipal water supply for adding the neurotoxin
    fluoride….. I was suffering skeletal fluorosis, chronic pain in my
    knees…. Since marijuana was most likely the primary ingredient in the
    healing oil of Jesus Christ and since even Joel Osteen has been recorded
    on camera saying the prana of the Bible could be a mushroom, it would
    be really nice if those who swore to uphold the law would begin doing
    that instead of terrorizing people and profiting from it. What a
    wonderful world this COULD be.

  13. 3:45
    “As long as I’m not causing harm to self or others, we should have the freedom to use whatever substances we choose.”
    Harming self? That shouldn’t be in there. We should have the freedom to be risky with ourselves. We’re allowed to damage our bodies in other ways using other legal substances. It should be our choice where the cut off is for allowable self-harm.

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