Denver CRIP Vonny Loc SAYS Denver is as DANGEROUS as LA & Speaks on the LEGAL Weed in Colorado

Melz tv spoke to Denver Crip Vonny Loc . We spoke on Denver gang culture , Legal Marijuana & His songs with artist like OMB peezy , new ep dropping & Much …


  1. Much respect from Albq ,NM…. It is alot different from here in Albq than Denver… I went thru every single hood in Denver….I mean every hood….. But the most active place with the most action , only my opinion is on West Colfax…. All down Colfax in Aurora by Children's hospital…. It was really active …… But other than that It's just not really a Dangerous city…. Of course you will get murked for sure if you get caught up…. And there is nothing to be proud of a city where someone gets killed almost everyday…. And Albq is that place… I definitely have some issues from all the bodies and blood and deaths I ve seen here In the last 7-8 years…. I ve been here and Las Vegas NV for 42 yrs. And this place is getting worse and worse….. But it's home…. Ne way … Respect to Denver locs and homiez….. 505 Burque Albukrazzy….

  2. As a Denver EAST SIDE cat from tha late 80's thru tha 90's till i hit tha yard…im really concerned that maybe all these cats that talk shit about tha neighborhoods in Tha MileHigh or surrounding areas…( ParkHill,Montebello,Aurora,etc…)haven't really put they feet down on tha pavement when tha lights go out…Maybe ya'll should try it sum time…
    EastSide* 5Points*_ 25th n Clarkson_ ALL DAY EAST UP TILL IM FACE UP!

  3. Been in Colorado over twenty five years and I have people from Pueblo to Grand Junction to Fort Collins and Denver is not some gangster ass city. Pueblo and Colorado Springs are both way more dangerous than Denver

  4. I'm old school weed head. I was slanging chronic when most was smoking brick still and I can say this, yes the weed price has gone down but the quality has gone way way down. Shit used to stick to the wall and could smell it from outside my house. Now the shit is legal so people rush shit out and so many rookie growers.real stoners know that weed here used to be way better

  5. Shoutout to MelzTV for showing love to Denver, there’s a lot more where this interview came from. Checkout our Youtube for Interviews, Music Videos, Etc. based in Denver. We on the come up foreal, shoutout to you and ZackTV for being heavy inspirations!

  6. Being from denver this was embarrassing they mentioned the guy who shot up the movie theater he was WHITE it ain't no SUPER HARDCORE gansta shit out here Niggaz be tryna be on sum gansta shit when really it's a bunch of women beaters, dope addicts, & homeless ass niggaz who can't stay outta jail 🤣😂

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