COVID-19 Postpartum Care and Breastfeeding

Many of our patients who have recently delivered or are nearing their due dates have expressed concerns over how the coronavirus may impact their …


  1. I simply cannot understand this the CDC's advice about breastfeeding a baby if the mother is covid-19 positive. The CDC states that If you are a mother and have a the so-called highly contagious and highly deadly covid-19 virus and it is spread through respiratory droplets, feel free to breastfeed your new born baby who has absolutely no built up immune system. WHAT?????????? Where is Child Protective Services when you need them? Would this not be CHILD ENDANGERMENT? Parents can't even smoke cigarettes within proximity of their children. But if you have the deadly covid-19 virus, coughing, wheezing, high-fever with diarrhea, feel free to breast feed your new born baby.What is really going on here??? Just GOOGLE COVID-19 and BREASTFEEDING!!! What are we missing here?

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