Coronavirus Epidemic Update 31: Mortality Rate, Cleaning Products, A More/Less Severe Virus Strain?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 31 with pulmonologist & critical care specialist Roger Seheult, MD of New research from China …


  1. If everyone in the us gets infected. It will kill between 600k to 1 million for those under the age of 65. For those 65 and over it will kill between 2 to 10 million.

  2. Since helping my diabetic husband treat a necrotizing fasciitis, I have been obsessed with the science behind hypochlorous acid type wound cleanser (Briotech, although several products on market). Not only is this a product that is used for skin cleanser, but also used to clean/sterilize hard surfaces. Briotech used in Ebola outbreak and has excellent scientific references on their website. Tools are available to make product at home for pennies. Do you have any comment on this type of cleanser?

  3. There is a need for those who have symptoms at home for an antibody test so that they can know whether or not they now have antibodies that would tell them they are no longer infecting others as they were when they were asymptomatic. How do we know that people are not spreading the virus at day 8? having self-isolated for seven days, based on what?

  4. what I read about the S/L forms is that there is no enough evidence and therefore it's been rejected. if it is, can you please explain that in another video? and thank you for all of the great videos.

  5. Who knows what the real numbers are when they aren’t testing everyone? The truth is is that the govt and health officials can’t do anything but count and monitor those who have it.. they aren’t taking much action because the harsh reality is that there isn’t much more they can do except what they have already done. We will know how bad it is when money and the economy is no longer a factor in their discussions.

  6. 2:25 For the mere cost of your life, the models available for 2019 are the "L", "S" and the deluxe "LS" each with multiple trim levels available. Sounds like these bugs are taking us for a ride.

  7. Thank you for your great videos. I know your target audience are docotrs and nurses but with the coronavirus issue , I'd like you to be aware that many of us are just regular people

  8. Before Wuhan lock down, rapid mutation moves from "S"s to "L"s. Heavy death toll caused the lock down and it settles back to "S"s. Both "S"s and "L"s are now transmitted overseas, e.g. Italy n US. If rapid mutation is not stopped immediately, more and more "S"s will be mutated to "L"s, and may even have more severe new mutations…???????……questions from Hong Kong, Thanks….

  9. It's not 2%. 106.000 cases, 3500 deaths. If no else is infected with the corona virus and it suddenly stops at 106,000 cases, we'd expect another 3,000 people to die. The real death rate will be roughly 4-7%. They give the low number of 2% because they don't want everyone to panic. To cross reference this virus we can look at the Spanish flu that had an 8-12% death rate, but this death rate is misleading because the Spanish flu was not spread as fast and as far as the Corona virus might end up being. The Spanish flu was spread by shipping, not by planes. Also, we were not connected internationally at that time as we are now, and we didn't drive from city to city, state to state….ETC……We'll see how this pans out as the months and weeks go by.

  10. I have been looking at the numbers on Worldometer. Germany stands out, over 1000 cases, no deaths, low critical. I think the onset of their cases is similar to France, Spain with similar cases, but many deaths. Is there anything about German case management that would be good to spread like a virus to other countries?

  11. This virus no medicine…mask.wash hand. Hidden etch….is useless .. should all people infected and his around should be in a quarantine avoid expand or contact others.. Prayers is the best at all this Time..may our God protect us….

  12. Wenn Sie glauben, ein Coronavirus zu haben, gehen Sie nicht ins Krankenhaus. Weil sie Ärzte und Krankenschwestern infizieren können. Also lass es uns selbst heilen. Die Methode ist ‥‥‥Virus Wenn Sie auf youtube mehrmals 444-Hz-Sound auf Ihren Körper übertragen, stirbt der Virus und ich denke, er wird in 3,4 Tagen geheilt sein. Bitte versuchen Sie es.
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  13. Up to 52,000 are dead ALREADY from the 2020 influenza which is also a corona-virus and yet the media is silent. Why? Because vaccines don't work and they are using this latest flu bug to promote future vaccines. Don't buy into their propaganda as the rate of mortality from this virus continues to decline without vaccine. Just apply your normal anti-viral exposure protocols and consider augmenting your nutritional status. N-Acetyl cysteine is an excellent way to boost your white blood cell count for a direct benefit to pulmonary health without a prescription. Elderberry is clinically proven to destroy virus particles already circulating in the bloodstream. Taking both together will either prevent or reduce the severity and length of viral infections. I have been taking them for years. Be well.

  14. I read recently that sanitizers do not work unless the water is hot. Is this the same with disinfecting with bleach products at home. I was researching Nursing Home kitchen's protocol for cleanliness.

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  16. Another synthetic virus purposely released on the population to control humanity's biggest threat: over population. There's a cure and once the numbers are favorable you'll see less and less deaths caused by this virus.

  17. Does anybody know how long this virus lasts until you get better? There is apparently large number of people who had recovered, so how long did it take for them to get healthy? Normal cold and flu viruses last for about 10 days. Why there is no information about it? There is so much mystery around this new virus.

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