Coronavirus CBD Cure – True or False?

Coronavirus pandemonium is spreading across the globe. Can CBD either protect you from the Coronavirus or cure you? Dr. D. of gives his …


  1. Yes, it will help with inflammation and encourage immune system support but not a cure like with cancer. The problem is finding a product that truly contains the right amount of CBD to be eff ctivecand not too much to become toxic and cause liver issues. This is where it would be nice to have do tors to perscribe a recommended CBD strength.

  2. CBD certainly seems to have kept my chronic bronchitis away for over 10 years now. The first 2 years whenever I felt like I was getting bronchitis(maybe 3x), I vaped some CBD for a day or two and, it just went away like magic. I know I've also read that just smoking pot can help prevent cancer because it protects certain cells in certain ways. So, why wouldn't CBD be a potential prophylactic against covid-19? Officials are telling people masks, zinc, selenium, and other supplements are worthless so, you'll have to pardon me for my lack faith in anything they might say…

  3. Im in Galway Ireland, ive been using CBD oil for 4 years as mom & Nanna died from cancer, i dont want cancer also, now we have corona virus, hope the oil keeps that away too! ✌🏼

  4. Also look into the anti viral properties of cannabis leaves. There is only one disease though brother… it is called mucus… get rid of it. Get into Dr Sebi sir I love that your an MD open to medicine outside the small mindness of allopathic reductionism that the AMA has limited us too. Keep up great work.

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