City forest (industry) + Huge highway interchange [PBHDC, Ep.12][ Cities: Skylines]

Pro builds his Dream City in Cities: Skylines Ep: 11 [Campus DLC] This is my Co(rona) meback (jk) ! I hope you’re doing well 🙂 Today we’re building a level 5 …


  1. Watching your videos really makes me want to play the game, except I'm nowhere near as skilled as you so my city looks boring while yours is beautiful.

  2. From what I can tell you play with despawning ON, because I see cars disappearing around 6:48 .Turn it off to make it more a challenge 🙂
    >>> oh wait, just a sec, you don't use TM/PE? you are a console player? <<<

  3. @ 5:28 There isn't enough space between junctions on the highway. Traffic has almost no time to merge and lane change after joining the highway before the highway splits off again into two directions. This will cause the same kind of weaving as a cloverleaf.

  4. I can't really find any excuse of why they didn't implement the brush tool for trees as a vanilla feature, also the forest buildings always passed as lazy design, it wouldn't have taken much more effort to integrate it dynamically with trees instead of placing a square building.

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