1. Never heard of "Easy" so I went to IMDB to check it out. Here's what I found:

    "Full frontal male genital nudity including erect penises. Topless female partial nudity only as any female genitalia hidden by thick pubis or camera angle or focus. In S2 E3, there is a particularly graphic scene. A man and a call girl are on a bed together, both fully nude. She is explicitly fingering herself. The man stands up, and it is revealed he is fully erect. He stands with his erect penis fully visible. They eventually masturbate in graphic detail. "
    In my world we call this pornography. I'm wondering why you are interviewing a pornographer on your program? I will also say as a consumer that I am sick to death of having people in the arts community (as well as your on program) suggest that performing a jack off scene, screwing and/or faking an orgasm for a camera crew is quality entertainment OR that this can be called a talent on behalf of the actors. It would seem if they are willing and the money is right, you've got a show. And to the filmmaker, slapping a "TV-MA" label on your product does not in any way absolve you of your responsibility to the community. Trash is trash and lipstick or no, it's still a pig, not art.

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