CBD Oil And Liver Cirrhosis Fatigue Liver Cirrhosis Vlog

My story on trying out CBD oil and how it helped with my chronic fatigue. Also helped with anxiety and stress which I wasn’t even thinking about when I decided …


  1. I just watched your video, I know someone that has liver cirrhosis and is always in and out of hospital. Although he is on a transplant list, do you think this might help with his symptoms?

  2. I just got diagnosed and was doing some reasearch and came across an article on NIH website that discussed the positive effects of cannabinoids on the liver and the anti inflammatory properties of cannabis on the liver.
    I also suffer from chronic pain and migraines and have always taken a lot of NSAIDs which I'm convinced is what got me into this situation. So I've started using CBD weed for pain relief as well as anxiety. So I hope it works for me. I hear mixed results from different people.

  3. Thanks for sharing bro. I've just been diagnosed with cirrohsis of the liver and am looking to CBD with low levels of THC. Looking into diet a lot. Meditations. Wish you well man, hearing videos like this really help.

  4. Hi RJ, how are you doing bro on this nice day? You look good. Can you please make a video on what the first day you realized your liver was not normal, and what you might have been doing to help cause cirrhosis? Are you on a liver transplant waiting list, or can you get half a liver from a living donor? I think of you every morning when I pass this apartment building and the lighting looks just like your apartment, and I think of you in this apartment, and I send you good healing thoughts and much love. Hang in there bro. P.s. have you used a vape pipe instead of cigarettes? The Patch? It might be better if you stopped smoking for a few months to help you heal? Have a very nice and peaceful day my friend, fist bump : )

  5. Hey raider! Once again thank you for your informative vlog.
    Here in the UK, CBD can be used but its only supposed to help calm you down and aid sleeping.. I personally have not tried it as yet , just try not to rely on it if you can raider, as I said , if you need to sleep then do so , I really dont know how you cope with working? I know I could not work; as much as I want ..I'm wide awake and its 1.15 am Saturday morning and I'm itching like crazy !!! .. do you get itching at all ? if so what do you use if anything to help calm my hot skin 😕. Have to be up in 6 hrs for hospital 🙄. .. stay safe raider..

  6. Thanks Raider Jake. You're good therapy. Agreed, "be done with this whole illness thing". Whammy effect! Where is it? Went like a madman for 2 months, Sept and Oct 2014. Then CRASH, over. Happened a few times since. No explanation. Want to go out tonight. Glued to the chair but think I'll go to bed.

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