1. I love the analogies you come up with, everything from dog sledding to body surfing…and they are always pretty spot on too. Can't wait till the MJ markets heat up here stateside in the coming years.

    By the way, what do you think of the Alternative Harvest ETF? Worth trading? Enjoy the rest of your day.

  2. I am a professional composer with over 20 years experience working with market-leaders such as Disney Marvel and Lucas (Disney didn't own all of them when I started working for them). It is my professional opinion that that music you play approximately 15 minutes in, is extremely lame. That is just my opinion of course, but I felt really compelled to share this because when the music first came on, I was really compelled to trow something at my speakers, or just simply pull the power cable from the wall. You may not be aware of the fact that music can cause such powerful emotional reactions in some people, so I thought maybe I'd warn you. I Love your trading recommendations though. And you are sharing it for free, so I should probably just shut up now ;}

  3. That heavy background music made the show very hard to hear for me, and probably impossible for anyone with a hearing disability. We can all play music if we want it. Just the news please.

  4. hell yeah dan. the same before crypto became big the same after it loses interest. always class. we appreciate it. one day i hope to be successful like you.

  5. looks like someone's checking out ITHUF and MPX 🙂 MPX is the value play, at roughly a 13% discount. the merger should help continuation in the morning!

  6. I don't trust anyone else Dan.
    I wish you would find a way to take my 💰. I would pay to get daily update vids from you for the MJ sector. You should get something behind a pay wall up and going. Take my money Ffs Dan!

  7. Hey, Dan. You probably won't see this, but just wanted to say that I'm new to investing and it's really refreshing to see a guy who is genuine and not just lying to cash in on everything. Thank you for all that you do for all of us!

  8. That music + you talking about charts flowed together pretty well as a song.

    Your material is a rare gem in a sea of delusional Youtube/TWTR trading content.

  9. Once again your video speaks to me. I got thrown off APH just after making a sale for what was to be a quick scalp the day/minute the news leaked out about the cigarette company and the stock shot up; it was the Wednesday before the planned Friday news release if memory serves. That cost me big, I watched in amazement as it shot up through my sell price and then up $1 more and then $2 and then more, ever afraid to buy in at some high not knowing why and wondering what the heck just happened. It was quite far up before I found out why from an article that surfaced. Maybe I should have just bought in when I saw it moving but I was dumbstruck and wondered how I would calculate a number of shares to try to buy fast enough, sure that if I did it would turn right around. One of the earlier lessons I learned was not to buy something that was already high, I've been burned doing that. This after having been just prior to that stopped out at just below $16 right where APH bottomed out of course and after losing so much on the long decline, for which I held on like a fool watching my balance decline, and then it went up 10% without me as I pondered a further possible fall. I decided after the big Wednesday event that I wouldn't trade APH anymore and haven''t gone back, it was getting impossible to play without getting burned at my experience level, sudden large shifts always catching me off guard and costing me shares when I'm trying to do some trades in and out, perhaps just some bad luck too with timing. Trying my hand at TGOD now instead though it certainly is lagging the pack having no sales or production to speak of until next year. I was however able to buy three times as many shares which I believe will pay off next year and beyond as TGOD finally has sales and moves up, and I have already earned ~10% more shares in a trade and look forward to doing so again, though I need more courage to act on what I see and hesitate when I should not. I thank you for all your words of encouragement and guidance in these clips (it's like you are reading my mind so many days) or I wouldn't still be trying, I beat myself up pretty good for my errors and you have helped me not to, and it's getting easier to see what might happen in a coming day and how I might plan ahead for the possibilities thanks to your teachings about chart reading. I much appreciate your integrity and easy going personality, more than anything it's what brings me back and even had me pass you along to a sister to watch as she's trying her hand at Tilray and maybe ACB, (another one I foolishly let go of just before it shot up, fearing the dilution effect when the mergers came together unaware of the reasonable P/E ratio that would result); you know you are trusted when a guy will let you be around his sister. I hope you won't be leaving the Canadian MJ sector altogether, have been enjoying these and will keep watching regardless to learn. Cheers

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