BROKEN BONGS & STONER FAILS #2 *Vomit Warning* – Fatally Stoned

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  1. 3:33 people who can't handle weed love to blame the weed itself. An old friend of mine wanted me to roll him up an eighth blunt for his graduation party, his sister's boyfriend partook and greened out, pale as fuck and had to sit down, his girlfriend came over asking where we got that weed and of course we had to fuck with her and say "we found it" lmfao, the look on her face was great, we told her it was homegrown and he's fine, no one else had ill effects. Guessing that was his first time greening out. I still sometimes wonder if he confidently believes it was the weed lol

  2. Post wax pen blinker challenge fails. Or wins too. I be taking blinkers on my big stiiizy and plug play and let me tell u… those mfs rip good and depending on what strain u get it could have a really good flavor to it. For stiiizy I recommend the Purple Punch pod or GDP pod. For plug play get the Apple slushie. It literally tastes like that 🔥

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