1. NEVER talk to the Gestapo er Police. Stay silent at ALL costs. Keep your phone recording though…
    Wouldn't you think that an aircraft mechanic is a little more crucial to the safe operation than other employees of that industry?

  2. you can smoke a joint and test postive 4 months or more down the road… ;);) Im a chronic smoker, and if i were to quit… fuuuk it could take even a year or more im sure of it. ;p;p;p

    there are guys working up north in camps smoking crack and everythings fine for them.. but my one buddy who likes to have a couple beers and smoke a joint gets sent to mandatory rehabilitation as an ultimatum to losing his job… ;p;p;p the roughest rehab center in B.C. and Alberta… ppl there are just fuuucked.. not a place for a normy thats forsure.. but they made him go there for 2 months. go figure eh ;p;p;p

  3. personally , I believe that the swab taken at road side it is a ploy to get DNA samples …they claim that the samples are destroyed, bull$hit…

  4. In the oil patch not many people smoked pot for fear of drug tests so most of the boys do coke or crack or pills especially the Newfies because it goes out of your system in a day. from personal experience 8 years in the oil industry

  5. Anyone who uses Aphria as their producer may want to consider switching. Gerald Butt's wife holds an executive position. How many shares in Geralds name? Assess, prescribe, disarm. No money for veterans but they use veterans for their own income….MAGGOTS!

  6. Ottawa should lead by example. All government employees including elected officials, including ministers and the Prime Ministers, should lead by example and submit to daily drug tests that are published daily. Also elected government officials should be placed under 24 hour surveillance that the public has access to.

  7. Rolled my eyes when Faith Goldy hired Clayton Ruby.He was also hired by ATU113 to fight the drug testing. A paralegal would've done better research! Easy money for Ruby while people were hung out to dry. It's monopolization not legalization.

  8. So from what I understand is that the test is too sensitive, just like the opioid test that will give a ''positive'' result even if it was only a poppy seed muffin you ate a week ago.

    I was curious and went to see what the THC test is all about. I was surprised. It looks like a portable HPLC (high potential liquid chromatography). The ones we used in the lab, you would have a hard time lifting it, but this is like the evolution of computers, they get smaller and smaller.

    If this is a HPLC, the saliva will travel through a silicon capillary inside a solvent. The stationary phase (the silicon) and the mobile phase (the solvent) have different charges. There is an electrical current that goes through the solvent that will create a potential. The molecules are separated by their size and their charge and create a signal at different time intervals. The machine can than look into a database to identify each signal.

    From what I've seen, the machine as 7 molecules in its database.I believe that the reason is because they needed molecules that will be far apart in the migration as too reduce the length of the capillary.

    This could also explain why they cannot measure the quantity of the molecule the machine, you would have to bring the results to a biochemist for that.

    I believe that there is an internal standard in the test and that the machine records all the results, so technically, you could have the results analyse for a court.

    However, not everyone will metabolize the molecules at the same speed, so it would be difficult to determine the moment the drug entered the system.


  9. Exactly dude nicotine stays in your system 12 hours or less THC Which is far better exit the body much much lower that's why it is technically not physically addicting it can stay in your system 3 months I smoke never had the physical addiction to it THC

  10. If it is found that the persons Section 7 Charter Right, Liberty and Security of the Person, was infringed, they will win for all Canadian's! I was waiting for this also!

  11. Only the government can screw up a billion dollar industry. You want a cartel created by the government look no further, from testing equipment to the LP to the sale.

  12. I said ti and it's happening. People smoked weed before and hid it. Now that you don't have to hide it so much, but you will be judged whether you like it or not. Whether it be physically tested or morally judged. Two candidates apply for the same job, both qualified equally but one smokes weed. Guess who doesn't get the job? Two 21 year old people are stopped because they fit the description of someone who committed a crime. One smells like weed. Guess who gets arrested.

  13. Not long before legalization a Nova Scotia RCMP officer used cannabis to help deal with his PTSD. He was fired and publicly shamed and then later took his own life. The ruling Elite and the RCMP both view cannabis as evil and legalization has done nothing to change that. All legalization was with the government trying to get their cut.

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