1. I looked at these stocks in retrospect, and using even conservative buying and selling strategies as well as following your advice, I would've made around a 20% profit over the span of a month. You got yourself a subscriber!

  2. How many times can one person say, "anyways" in one short video? I think he's trying to find out. Good video but "anyways" isn't a word so it just seemed like he kniws stocks but not much more than that. Seemed like.

  3. Hey when you get a chance check out direct view Holdings ticker symbol d i r v their stock is up 15% today they're being interviewed by nastec this morning they are in the video surveillance industry

  4. You mentioned in a video last month about TYME releasing some phase 1 studies on January 18th 2019. If its good news it would make a nice chunk of change. The stock is at $2.61 at the moment. $5 call expiry Jan. 18th for 10 cents. You like buying the stock or the call, or maybe neither?

  5. I just want to say thank you for being so informative. Do you have group that you mentor or lead. I really like your strategy and would like to learn more from you. Thanks again

  6. And if you have time, IF lol… you should give NVCN an analysis and see what you find haha have about 3 grand and some change invested idk maybe i just need reassurance.

  7. Hey zip,awesome video man,funny part is I was following hsgx and other same stocks closely too,all your info is up to the mark MD will be following you closely my man.

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