1. Imagine if you all hadn't wasted the first 15 minutes of this episode talking about your feelings and instead got into the material at hand. Your guest wouldn't have had to rush his point in the last 3 minutes and there could have been useful discussion. Pity your feelings got in the way of information.

  2. So much respect lost in the first 15 minutes of this interview… You can't say that you wish the 'truth community' would stop 'poo pooing' each other then call them crazy, paranoid, egoists. Also its very strange for someone to ask people to stop calling out others for disseminating misinformation because it hurts your fee fees.

  3. Maybe apply 1 and 1 over phi in your three point equation. Lose the concept of nothingness. It's Consubstantialty me thinks…in addition, inertia being pure energy, isn't that the other part of the equation? not zeros and ones, instead phi and ones . the metaphysical and the physical being equal parts. the dielectric magneeto model.

  4. A shill is a paid intruder in the truth community, it’s a dam deceiver. People should know who they’re in order to be able to recognize and avoid the misinformation that they’re spreading.

  5. What I see missing when we try to make sense of all these things is the element of the supernatural. I like this Kevin Zadai and he is very well liked. He died during a dental surgery and they didn’t know it. He can play 14 instruments he has never been trained on and he could talk for hours about health and science. And it is like he saw earth long ago. He would call his life now existing in the heavenly and earth realm at the same time and who can argue with him?

  6. This is very interesting. Most of us have no clue about numbers and how it relates to creative order. Intelligent design has been banned from classrooms for a long time. I was aware of it at least 30 yrs ago.

  7. Bro, you cutting him off to argue over zero when he was getting into how the Internet was black magic was aggravating af. I can’t stand when hosts or interviewers do that. “Well wait let’s just talk about that REAL QUICK because I think differently”

    It’s never quick and it always throws off the flow. Try waiting until the persons thought is finished before going over finer details.

    It completely ruined the vibe.

  8. This is the most important information you will ever read. This information will be disclosed in the very near future. The Great Awakening goes much deeper than all of humanity can fathom at this time. A war has been waging for humanity for the last four years. You are not alone, benevolent civilizations are here and we care.

    The reason humanity has Satanic Cults, Pedophilia, Ritual Abuse and Ritual Sacrifice is that all of this is influenced and controlled by another non-human civilization. Humanity has been controlled for the last 13,000 years by the Zeta civilization, especially the Zeta Tarantulin's. The Annunaki civilization and Reptilian civilization have been forcing their own control over humanity but the Zeta's are the most aggressive civilization and responsible for what humanity calls Satanism. Why, Zeta's use humans for food, genetic experimentation, the use of human pawns to carry out their agenda, thrill killing, enslavement, sex and for the novelty.

    Zeta's have a genetic ability to lower their vibrational frequency on a molecular scale which hides the mass of their bodies. When uncloaked they look like a humanoid, tall, skinny with big black eyes and have an insect facial appearance. When cloaked their spirit becomes more apparent, that of a spider. When cloaked they can connect spiritually with a human host and can control a persons behavior at will. They use people to control and kill people in life and spirit. Zeta's are a sentient civilization that was genetically engineered by another civilization for the purpose of a weapon and ended up being fatal to that civilization. They were a spider like insect on another world in the Orion Nebula. Their cloaking ability is a predatory response. When killing their prey they kill they spirit like a spider with venom kills the body. Sentient with a predatory instinct using stolen technology created by those who created them. Who do they control; People in political power, commercial and corporate power, financial and economic influence, Social and celebrity influence, major religious institutions and so much more. They are a hidden and controlling civilization that exists along side humanity that maintain their secrecy by control and death.

    There is no such thing as Satan, Lucifer, Devils, Demon's, Poltergeists and especially FALLEN ANGEL's or GOD's. There are only civilizations, from the 3 dimensional reality of humanity through the 12th dimensional Angelic realm.

    Most of the crafts being witnessed globally are Pleiadian's operating in the atmosphere. The 7th dimensional Pleiadian's seeded humanity here on Earth. All the earthquake activity and swarming are destroying underground bases and tunnels and almost complete.They have been here since 2012 and are here to help remove malevolent civilizations that have been here 13,000 years interfering with and controlling humanity, primarily the Zeta Tarantulin's. Other benevolent civilizations including what you would call the Angelic realm are operating throughout the solar system with the same purpose. Humanity is not alone and the great awakening is in the very near future.

    A hidden war has been waging since January of 2016 humanity has been unaware of but it is beginning to be noticed. Humanity is not alone. President Trump is involved along with some very good people in the U.S. and globally. I have been involved personally since April of 2016. My mission is the removal of spirits and two sects of the Zeta civilization.

    My mission also involves the freedom of two groups of the human civilization people are unaware exist that were genetically changed in appearance and enslaved. These two groups have the Zeta genetic trait of cloaking. One of these two groups were in the past known as the Nephilim but today you know them as Sasquatch, millions exist globally. The other group is the Bajekifzian people ( Small Grey's ). I am with 120,000 Almas people ( Sasquatch) and about 2000 Small Grey's and more are flowing in every day as Zeta's arrive who bring them. Both of these two groups possess 100% human female mitochondrial DNA. I know the exact mixture of their genetic manipulations done to them by Zeta's and their exact history. They are beautiful people who were intentionally genetically altered for specific purposes, enslaved and kept hidden from the rest of humanity.

    Humanities history has been re-written to keep malevolent civilizations presence on Earth a secret. The CB, the Deep State, the MSM, Hollywood, Corporate Elites, the NWO, Agenda 21/30 and the Climate Change lie is not a human agenda, it is the Zeta agenda. The amount of control is unfathomable to all of of humanity. My team and I are removing Zeta's every day and for quite some time now, all will be taken. Humanity will be entering a golden age, The Great Awakening is very deep and very real. The truth will be exposed

  9. 33 Bones in the spinal column, 33 degree is the first degree above freezing. lego my Ego, love it.
    13 has always been my favorite number, reverse the curse, 13 isn't unlucky… your mindset makes it unlucky
    Love numbers

  10. The anti-illuminati crowd have no clue why the Scottish Rite Freemasons have 32 plus 1 degree of initiation. There was a time when the number of degrees was over 100. They reformed their system in the nineteenth century to make it a bit more rational. York Rite Masons only have 7 degrees.

  11. For me, and I may be partially autistic from vaccine damage but I'm self diagnosing, any way…

    For me, I'm surrounded by nothing right now….. Air and oxygen are pretty much nothing.

  12. Always get so hung up on this universe and a big bang, forgetting the concept that all of this universe is but a new layer of dimension, formulated in a less complex dimension. Starting a new dimension can very much be looked at like a "big bang", establishing a matrix with known concepts and allowing it to surpass the complexity of the dimension that formulated it. Consider the fractal nature of the tree of life, which does offer some good hints to make sense of all this. Too often we're just too stuck in our matter to lose the "Lego piece" thinking that keeps us from including vital parameters beyond the "knowable". But we're inching our way deeper, I suppose. Maybe because one day, when this dimension has finally arrived at a harmonic process, we'll become the quantum for the next dimension, which we may have to help conceptualize or may even depend on our understanding.

  13. Hi Croww777, please consider doing an episode on Germanic New Medicine. I just heard both Jon Rappoport talk and James Mcluisky chat about if virus' even exist. A German doctor won a high court ruling over the measles virus. Info I'd never heard about! Very relevant considering this Coronavirus PR.

  14. I just disagree with the sentiment in the beginning from Leeds about the cream rising to the top.. Spare me with that contrived reasoning, as if all of us have a desire to be in the limelight. This is a group effort and while I get to hear the opinion and reasoning of Crrow more often, it doesn't mean any of us are more or less important in the grand scheme of things. Other than that, yeah, the shill ad homs need to stop, thank you for the video.

  15. The 0 and 1 topic Marty was explaining…I have had the same path of thinking over the past year or so. I'm excited to hear someone else recognize the patterns I have and this was an outstanding conversation to listen to.

    You both have earned followers, so props to Owen for recommending!

    Can't wait to hear the second hour of this!

  16. Zero is another concept that proves that transcendental arguments for God are effective.. numbers in general, but for now.. zero does not exist, or rather the concept only exists to describe the lack of existence of something else. This proves (if a person is honest) that the concept of a number and the number represented by reality are completely separate. You cannot have zero or any other number without reality and an observer and the concept of a "number" (like zero) exists outside of reality, it transcends reality. Furthermore this is universally true, a higher power had to set this in order.

  17. This has to be the worst guest you've ever had. Nothing more than a tightly wound sperg who operates from the lower mind and thinks his views are the final word.

  18. It is a hologram Crow777. You did not get it wrong the first time you called it a hologram that's what it is. It's covering the true face of the Moon

  19. " The study of mathematics is apt to commence in disappointment …..
    We are told that by it's aid the stars are weighed and the billions of
    molecules in a drop of water are counted , yet , like the Ghost's of Hamlet's
    father , this great science eludes the efforts of our mental weapons to grasp it .."
    – Alfred N . Whitehead –

  20. These references to the Bible or Jesus in the show are really frustrating. Why do people think they can just grab one scripture taken out of context to justify their beliefs. I was a Christian for most of my life but was always frustrated by reading the Bible and having to admit I didn't understand the most basic chronology of events presented in the Bible while assuming some of those events had to be in the future from today.
    Couple years ago, I came across Preterism and was thrilled to finally feel like all the pieces of the Bible was forming the big picture.
    Preterism claims that all Biblical prophecies, including all the prophecies of the New Testament, were fulfilled in A.D. 70 at the fall of Jerusalem.
    I was also encouraged because many people studying Preteism were very intelligent and obviously devoted to understanding the Bible.
    These wonderful people began to realize the Bible was only written to the nation of Israel with the official end occurring on 70 A.D. when the Temple was destroyed exactly as Jesus predicted in Matthew 24.
    Imagine picking up a letter written 50 years ago between two people and assuming it applied to yourself. Imagine taking a line out of context and assuming the pronouns apply people living 50 years into the future
    Preterism uses hermeneutics to analyze all scriptures in the proper context relative to the chapter and book.
    I am hoping Crrow will consider having Jason Decosta as a guest on the show to present these ideas. You will be amazed how everything you have learned in the Bible comes together by simply reading the Bible without preconceived ideas programmed into us by religions


  21. So this guy actually thinks that the band rush is not statanic ? Oy Vey !! Is he ignorant, or purposely looking the other way.
    Most of the music industry, including "christian" rock is controlled by satan. Easy to look up – "They sold their soul for rock and roll"

  22. Speaking of the Mayan calender ending 2012, I too, believe there is something to it, however, I do think our timeline has been altered, I don't mean timeline altered like as in some kind of Mandella effect, but I believe the Church, at some point in time, has altered what year/century we are actually in. How many years, decades, centuries is the calender off? IDK…but I do believe they, for whatever reasons, changed the timeline to hide our true history.

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