20 facts you need to know about White Widow | Strain Facts

It’s one of the most famous strains in the world, getting its name from its crystal-covered buds – that make it appear almost white. White Widow is now legally sold …


  1. So I smoked some white widow yesterday and I may have smoked too much of it. It didn't take long for it to kick in, I was about to go play some videogames and listen to music like I always do, when suddenly I started to experience one of the worst trips ever.
    It felt as if my heart was beating abnormally fast, at times I felt as if I wasn't breathing (I was paranoid).

  2. thats not white widow, white widow is supposed to mature with white hairs, my family grew white rhino and it matured red but i think they were working on it, it bugs me, i seen plants in their grow room so juicy its like a grapevines, id like to get a mother plant and start topping but thats all i know, that reminds me i dont have no friends or "customers", i think i would have to sell clones, i dont want to grow sativa though, i like clean aged weed bagged in food saver bags, but id like to grow some really nice weed thats not so strong

  3. White widow is the strongest strain ive smoked, took a month long tolerance break and i smoked a few bowls that got me so high i thought my weed was laced

  4. Cool strain the high is very intense but it last very short about an hour for one gram also it tastes like shit, literally worst tasting weed I’ve ever tried

  5. My effect felt like I had poison from a bit from a snake or like a robot shutting down like I touched a poisonous plant the effects were wild no pain but it feels like I'm poisoned I'm here like wow I had been bit by a white widow wow

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