$10,000 Sinister Monopoly / Ryan Leone Live – Charity

Rules for the raffle: 1.) Every patreon sponsor ($100 tier) will be awarded one ticket ($20 value) and will have a private option to pre-purchase as many as 5 …


  1. I knew a great guy names wade in rural arkansas once too down that road by Burlingame I’m sorry wade that was a shit head reckless, later wreckful move and I’m ashamed to have done that man you were amazing grabbing it back and throwing it out I’m so embarrassed

  2. What you guys need is an OVERHEAD Microphone 🎤 So your Audio would be more Clean. I can donate a Shure S.M. 58 Omni as well as a boom Stand for you guys!!! Let me know please!!!

  3. Ryan, Jesus I love ya bro, but come on man you gotta have some more awareness in terms of letting the man speak. You are constantly cutting him off and interrupting him, not only is it kinda rude and selfish, it really disrupts the flow and disables us from hearing what Sinister has to say. I literally could not finish the video. I know you’re not doing it on purpose but it’s comes off in the video that you’re more concerned about the money coming in, instead of letting your guest speak. All of us that watch your videos know you mean well. Just mellow out and focus, make sure only one person talks at a time.

  4. God damnit I cant believe I missed this when it was live I would of bought like 10 tickets for a chance at that painting or even that preme hoodie sob you should do another one of these

  5. I was looking forward to this Sinister interview but I feel like Ryan kind of killed it by talking over Sin while he was speaking. Pretty annoying also. The more i watched this video it was pretty apparent Sin was getting irritated as well.

  6. SIMONE!!!!
    Ya'll be makin a charity like the Clinton Foundation up in here???
    lol j/k Clintons make good cash off of "charities".
    Congrats to all winners, hopefully this can save lives.
    Cruel joke… hit yer pal with Narcan while thy nodded out. You wanna see someone lose their shit?? I wouldnt wish that on anyone.
    SIMONE!!! Peace from Canada.

  7. Hey Ryan, I really appreciate what you're doing with the Narcan. I'm an addict in recovery and I'm coming up on 6 years clean. Heroin was my preferred high as well so I viscerally understand the absolute LIFE SAFER narcan is. It has saved my life a few times. I have been looking for something to give back on a larger scale and I would be honored to be or be a part of the East coast arm of what you guys are doing. If you dont have a need for that it's cool too. Message me if you get a chance and I can give you my email. Palabra bro

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