10 Ways To Avoid A Sore Ass When Cycling | Cycling Tips For Triathletes

A sore bum is something that most cyclists and triathletes have experienced, but it doesn’t have to be a part of the sport. Here are GTN’s top 10 ways to avoid a …


  1. The pain I get is between my balls and ass. Really sore and numbs that area for a couple of days. Going to get a saddle with a cut out, so no pressure is happening to that area. Might have to send the bike back if it doesn’t work.

  2. Total garbage!

    It should be obvious that no one should be riding on something resembling 10 inches of rounded off 2 x 4 up on edge. Mile after mile, ruts after potholes, after stumps, after stones, after cracks, after whatever. Sensitive urological and neurological vessels (plus the tailbone) are damaged by the unhealthy pressure points of traditional single platform bicycle seats, and modified traditional single platform bicycle seats.

    Dr. Steven Schrader with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH): “When you sit on a bike the pressure on the perineum increases sevenfold. Riders using a classic saddle place 1/4 of their body weight on the perineum. The amount of oxygen reaching the * typically falls 70% to 80% in 3 minutes. A guy can have his oxygen levels drop 100% but he doesn’t know it. After half an hour he goes numb.

    Saddles with splits or holes may make matters worse because they have smaller surface areas, and hence the rider’s weight presses harder on less saddle. The arteries in the perineum run laterally and therefore they come under more pressure when they come into contact with the cutouts’ edges. It is no longer a question of whether or not traditional bike saddles causes ED, but what are you going to do about it?”

    Damage by the process of accumulation is the issue, and the reason why most of our male Spongy Wonder Noseless Bike Seat Riders are over 50. It is also why most of our female Spongy Wonder Noseless Bike Seat Riders are 35+, and why the vast majority of saddle reviews are done by guys and gals 25 – 30 years of age. With them it is always ‘The Next Great Saddle.’ And so you get to spend another $150 – $400 and wreck yourself for yet another season. We hate to ask, but “How many ‘Next Great Saddles’ have you bought so far?” 


  3. Hello from the west coast, USA. 🇺🇸 I came here because my buns get sore after riding my indoor recumbent, a LifeSpan R5i. I believe my buns get sore after ~13 miles because the seat on the R5i isn’t quite the right size for my buns. I also ride an HPVelotechnik Scorpion+, with a mesh reclining seat. My buns never burn while riding that and I’ve gone nearly fifty miles on it in one ride.

  4. You can also reduce the weight on your ass by having the handlebars lower, though this will increase the weight on your wrists, and the strain on your back. Personally I advise never to have the bars lower than the saddle to protect your back from injury. Likewise, the cutaway saddles reduce the weight on your perineum, but that will increase the load taken by your ass as a whole. For this reason cutaway saddles are a bad idea. You want your perineum to take at least a bit of your weight. Never shave any part that either rests on the saddle, or rubs when you cycle. This means stopping the shaving at approximately a boxer briefs level. Above that line shave just the side of your ass in case of road rash from a tumble, which is very likely to happen on the side.

    I think standing in the pedals and/or riding extra hard is very bad advice, as you'll likely damage your knees instead. If you have a saddle sore during an event, it might be time to remember that your ass isn't worth a piece of coloured ribbon, and stop riding.

  5. Well I do non-stop endurance events that last much longer than a triathlon. So far I've just had to try to accept the pain and carry on. And I do not find that particularly easy. Not the least bit.

  6. Loving my bike.>>>ur2.pl/1144 It was quite easy to assemble, no issues at all. I followed a YouTube video about assembling it and that helped a lot. Only small issue is that moving it around is a bit of a drag because you can only bend the bike to a certain angle to be able to move the bike around, which to me isn't the best angle since i have to be constantly moving it. Wish the wheel was a bit larger or situated further back so one could bend it further out and make it easier to move around. Other than that, i have no issues.

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