1. Does cbd rly taste that much? I have had thc buds before that coated my mouth.. but ive had a cbd hemproll that disnt taste much just pine and not strong or nothing?

  2. Another one of my favs. I can't wait until it's back in stock as well as that indoor Jack. 🔥🔥 Their blueberry pie is my #2 overall favorite. I've been working on an oz of that for almost a month. Blacktiecbd is my favorite vendor. The CBD content is always high and their flower has the highest thca content out of all the vendors I've tried. These two things really alleviate the symptoms of the degenerative disc disease that I have. Next thing I'm trying of theirs is that afghani hash. Thanks for the review☮

  3. Dope video bro 💯‼️ good looking on the shoutout for our boy Taz 💯‼️💪🏽 And you must be talking about Taz’s Love? The 3 strain mix? I’d love to see a review on that fasho!

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