Women of Color Lead the Way: Building Power on the Ground and in Congress | NowThis

We’re live at the first-ever women of color congressional town hall, where Reps. Pramila Jayapal, Ilhan Omar, Deb Haaland, Ayanna Pressley, and Barbara Lee …


  1. Great you woman of color are so proud. You can fight in ww3 you go girls your not weak your so strong so let's change the draft so you can be shining stars. You so strong and confident you the reason we so nice huh now let's have a real discussion.. What are you trying to prove with a topic like real woman of color? What do you do that makes America great?

  2. Thank you so much to all the BRAVE, BADASS Women of COLOR and our ALLIES for doing the regenerative and transformative work of lifting progressive policies IE: Universal Healthcare, Living Wages for ALL, REVOLUTIONIZING and FUNDING Sound and Quality Public Education, Universal Childcare and FREE pubic College, College Debt Forgiveness for ALL and FAMILY PAID LEAVE.

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