Why White Truffles Cost Up To $75K Per Pound

There is something undeniably intoxicating about the smell of truffles. In fact, that potent smell is a major part of why truffles are so expensive. In 2019, someone …


  1. I have found so many white truffles in the forest. I have found a biggest white truffle of 4kg. Can you help me with auction? I can send you photos and video. please try to contact me

  2. It is beyond me! Yes they are good but most hype is just bragging right that you spent that much on something your mouth that is going out your other end.. So many other foods are better. i enjoy setting down with famiy and good friends sharing homemade food than eating something something so costly . sharing a high all by its self. Go out and buy your self a qood bag smoke then go feed a whole bunch of hungry kids who have nothing now thats high you never forget!!!!!

  3. OMG you served yourself using your FINGER!! Didn't your mom teach you better! Jesus you america really doesn't know how to eat I feel ashamed for being one!

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