1. I always noticed that I gain weight during autumn and winter. Even though I don’t change anything. I eat exactly the same amount of calories and I go outside a lot during the day to catch some day light. I also go to sleep early and wake up early and very active in the gym. Still gain weight in this season and lose it when spring comes. I would say I gain around 1-1,5 kg. Can’t do anything about it. I always knew it is a seasonal thing.

  2. Even though I have maintained a 60+lb loss for over 10 years, I have ALWAYS put on 5 lbs every winter and had to "take it off" in the spring. Considering I live in cold and dark Alaska, it seems normal. I DO slow down. This year, after following The Starch Solution and being in Alaska this winter, (last winter I was in TX), I have NOT gained the 5 pound fluff! I am SO thankful for my love of veggies, fruits, legumes, and whole grains that I can eat abundantly.

  3. Yep this is me 100% I hate this time of year I suffer with anxiety and depression all year round but it's always worse this time of year I find myself snacking more often I was losing weight right up until November then bam started feeling lower and snacking lucky not put any weight on even though I've been eating lots and lots of nuts 😂😂😂

  4. I thought that because winter was coming up I'd be able to cover more of my extra belly lol vegan junk food is delicious, need to cut down those weekends lol also, I've had smoothies at night and ended up so gassy I couldn't even sleep well throughout entire night due to bloating it's hard because I get hungry about 10pm

  5. Happy to hear this as I just woke up from a day time cat nap. I also manage to gain a few lbs during the fall anually, I generally also tend to loose them again in spring, perhaps this year even earlier as I'm on a 3 week course of anti-biotics to eradicate remnants of a Lyme infection, in a previous course I lost about 10 lbs in 2-3 weeks.

  6. So if this is true, wouldn't we suppose that populations who have continually lived in equatorial areas would not experience this increase in food consumption during the fall? Since our ancestors would have developed in equatorial regions, I would think this would have been an adaptation which would have enabled populations that migrated into harsher environments to survive. This thought process could take us down a very long rabbit trail. I will just stop there🤔.

  7. This is great info! The circadian rhythm is so important! I love how more information is coming up about the importance of sunlight, circadian rhythm, and how it affects stress hormones and built-in regulatory mechanisms. Really cool stuff (especially for someone who has always lived in a major city)!

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