1. I am also an avid gamer, & now that I've come across WR for my first time, it's kind of ironic I feel the exact same way. No desire what so ever to turn on my PlayStation. Not sure why. I feel great, euphoric, a bit anxious… but definitely not intrigued by video games… (at the moment) (just smoked on white runtz)

  2. Spread bongs around the black community and get torn back w the Caucasians lol blunts to me are a waste, papers are very consuming. I'm pumped you turned her onto the bong life.

  3. I live in AZ and I got and 8th for 25 and it is top shelf it just didn't come from Melrose store or the actual breeders. However it is small nuggets that look perfect in every way, taste is insane, and I have barely made it past one giant snap. They aren't worth 75 bucks. None of them. Def like 40 tops. But no more. It's all marketing, the boutique 8ths make ppl want to try it because that price is crazy and it's packaging that costs a lot. Also newer strains. It's a shame to smoke the shit.

  4. Can’t wait to get my hands on this White Runtz! Also don’t know how i feel bout ice in the bong, it does help but it also stacks a lot of water in your bong if you’re seshing up like i do lol

  5. Had a friend just say he can't give away runtz 4 free bcuz of the stain on their name early from soooo many fake runtz thx 4 enlightening on us on the real runtz sincerely 🔥 az uzual Shellz

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