1. Dam if sadghuru is always stoned through meditation, then I wouldnt want him being my driver. Crazy logic. Everything he consumes even the herbs that he uses to season his food are drugs. You just must ask yourself before you take a drug, does this drug have any beneficial use in my life?

  2. I respect Sadh Guru but I'm sorry the scenario that he chooses is not the norm coz smoking is not allowed on flights anyways and why do people only give scenarios of the negative what about when an individual is highly in depression and they notice that the meds they put you on isn't curing you its taking away your ability to feel all together and that's not fixing the problem but cannabis does and did by chopping the anxiety away leaving you with a calmer paced thought process which mind you is KEY coz we tend to think to fast and these problems take turn to get focus on more rapid combined with your elevated heart rate with depression which literally makes your mind sick that combination tricks you into thinking your problems are to hectic but when you smoke or consume cannabis the fact that it breaks the process by slowing things down it gives you the ability to tackle each problem that your mind is focusing on for that short period at a slower calmer perspective and you don't feel overloaded and SOLUTIONS can finally appear and this is coming from my own experience to were I've studied my own self through it all and yes fair enough the brain has receptors but DEPRESSION is the sickness of the mind those receptors are held captive by the sickness hence why for certain applications cannabis can be used from an external source and the other more simple point is that GOD put so many different strains on this planet that is even designed to grow so easily and there must be a reason as to why it was allowed to grow and my reasoning in this message all support each other

  3. This answer and reasoning of Sadguru is one the poorest of all I've seen on his channel. Maybe it is because the Shamanism is not well known in India?
    Using the sacred plants is absolutely wonderful way of healing!

  4. I would much prefer a Pilot to be a Cannabis user than an Alcohol user and who the fuck says "smoked up"? Sorry old G but Ganja keeps you calmer, makes you smarter, and the only reason why we don't have the science to prove that is because it's illegal.

  5. There were a bunch from the 60s who had some spiritual experience via LSD and too off on a Buddhist spiritual path. They've stayed the course ever since but now refuse to take the drug. Wonder why? .

  6. Try being comforting to someone after you just lit up.. Pot cripples you emotionally in the short and long terms. It's a spiritual cul de sac. Now promoted by the satanists that run (ruin) the world.

  7. My Ego would like to know if his chemical factory can reach the level of 5-MEO DMT? 😂

    I wonder how wise would he feel then 🤔 maybe he would realise that his ego is one of a "Guru" just like London real is a ego of a "interviewer" like my ego is one of a "One body" because I look at them just like they look at me with a ego of a "Somebody" 🤔 when I'm really a "Nobody" 🤣

  8. Ehh. I wouldn't advise people in a mechanical or public safety responsibility to be high on pot BUT wanting to connect with a spiritual side or experience different stimuli I would say falls under the "start with some pot" department.

  9. Meditation gurus like him frown down upon psychedelics. They know that attaining infinite wisdom & knowledge comes from meditation (slowest way) or psychedelics (fastest way) satori enlightenment

  10. I disagree with Sadhguru with due respect..
    Addiction is certainly bad however using marajuana or any other naturally occuring pdhyacadellic in a limited quantity in a safe environment can really open up the spiritual dimention in a person just for the simple reason that it lowers your mental activity and you really become aware of the truth that is hiding underneath the mental noise.. however once you have glimpsed it there is no point getting addicted to the substance.although you can still enjoy the benifits if you consume it occasionally(which is the tough part and rare)… i have seen numerous people who have spent 20, 30, 40 years meditating without even glimpsing the S of spirituality.. look at the youth today abusing alcohol and so many other harmful drugs.. its certainly worth a try.. i dont mean to be disrespectful but you cannot even fly thd plane or do a surgery while meditating with your eyes closed. They both are seprate things. All i am saying is dont take anyones word for it.. just go with your direct experience…

  11. There are also different strains of cannabis as well.Just because there are some strains that make you feel relaxed,lazy or unproductive,there are also different strains that make you feel,alert,uplifted,creative,positive,productive,and ready to deal with whatever challenges you may be dealing with in your life in a productive way.

  12. There is nothing wrong with a little cannabis. It has medicinal effects, but abusing anything no matter how good it is, is not good. I recommend microdosing cannabis or not using it at all. Cbd is for everyone, even muslims since it's non-intoxicating.

  13. so, both said and agree that cannabis can allow you to understand etc etc etc . yet, that does not me those who need to do jobs/skills at a certain level should indulge in it. this in of itself doesn't make cannabis bad nor does it make cannabis good. Everything is not for everybody, what some can handle others can not. this is universal law and as such shouldn't be used to try to make unrealistic comparisons to suit ones purpose/agenda..

  14. First of all, who is to say what is good or bad? These are all personal judgements. Next, the fact his reasoning for not smoking weed is you aren't "clear minded" is a very low level common perception that anyone could arrive at. Nothing about that understanding is evolved. A much better reasoning would be that weed damages your energy field, and creates temporary openings within it, where non physical beings could attach through. This is what is refereed to as a shamanic understanding of the energy field, and how certain chemicals create tears and openings within it, thereby lowering ones vibratory frequency to that of a lower consciousness. But this is not his reason. Which implies he is still functioning on the physical plane and his understanding of things is still limited to that plane. What you will find with these "teachers", and guru's is they are simply playing a part. They are very good actors, playing the role of an enlightened soul. When in reality they are just as similar as normal everyday people. We like to put people on pedestals who label themselves as gurus, when in all actuality the majority of them are normal common everyday people, who are still functioning on the same level as most humans.

  15. In one of his book about the mind Sadhguru talks about Ayahuasca in a positive way If you do it with a proper guidance. Weed is not the same think. I also remember in an older video he says like you can smoke once in a while. But regular use can damage the system which I think is true.

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