1. I've gotten it before multiple times, almost every time I go running. Usually 3/4 into my run. It feels like a slight boost in endurance and energy and euphoria. Probably my favorite thing about it is the mind feeling you get. Its like the run becomes more introspective. And what I also like is that some songs become a tiny bit slower and I am able to hear details I don't usually hear. Its like a super light thc high. 10/10 recommend i know i have it when my eyes become heavy

  2. Well my mood definitely changes for the better after i go for a run and i also feel like a sense of accomplishment, especially when i reach a new milestone. But i doubt that has anything to do with runners high.. The way people are describing it makes me think that i haven't experienced it yet.

  3. I think I just had runners high which is why I’m looking it up. My legs felt fine, there was no pain, I wasn’t tired, I felt like I was running really fast and that I could run forever.
    However when I finished my run I was slugged in the stomach with 2 stitches and my legs nearly buckled 😂
    Well worth it though.

  4. ahhhhh the runners high. it is THE best feeling, the first time i experienced it i couldn't stop smiling and giggling. i probably looked crazy as i was running by myself but then i remembered i looked crazy for running at 10pm anyway. i have found that i am "high" anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes.

  5. I’ve experienced runners high lots of times – but I get different highs with different forms of exercise. It really is to me like trying different malts – which is just as well because I’ve been on the wagon for over 20 years. I experience a high when running but also feel a totally amazing high after fast 5k and 10ks.
    80% of the time in my 20s I was completely stoned (difficult years but I came out the other side). Discovering running 4 years ago at the age of 48, the post run high was a strange deja vu of that stoned feeling. It is the same feeling of detachment from stresses and worries – it’s like there’s shit to deal with but it’s not a big deal. It is the same, except without the come down and paranoia. If only I’d known that all those years ago, I would have saved quite a bit of money.

  6. Funny, I don't get a runner's high after 90min of hard cycling, but on my jog run routines, forty minutes will do the trick. My heart is working in the orange zone on my Garmin 235.

  7. Runners high to me is when I'm able to increase my mileage. I went from running 1 mile to 16 miles within 9 months of running. On the process of running 26.2 next month.

  8. It's like I'm a Lord on top of the mountains after running my brain injection the all hormones serotonin dopamine ….. Ofcourse after 20 days 3 kilometers on day and you need to eat very healthy food till can run it's like you have control everything focus on study and…. Do (run and eat healthy foods)

  9. Had this today for the first time. Slept nearly 8 hours the night before, then had a big bowl of oatmeal, banana and coffee for breakfast at 10 and ran around 3 hours later. Easy pace 7k, 51mins with a steep long hill in the middle and a medium hill later on. During my final 1.5k (where I really had to mentally push the week before) I could fell my legs starting to ache but was able to balance my effort right on the edge of tiring. A few minutes later I felt this tingling session in my head and both my breathing and running rhythms suddenly synced tighter than they’d ever been before, no aches, very light feet and this warm calmness. It felt like that content moment when you wake up in the morning, panic because you think you’re late for work but then realise it’s Saturday and you can stay in bed. My final 1k was my fastest split (the week before it had been my slowest) and I noticed my heart rate was well into my max zone for roughly the final 10 minutes of my run even though it didn’t feel tiring. It lasted about another 40 minutes after I’d finished. I will 100% be chasing that feeling again.

  10. I had heard of this but never felt it, I came from the military where of course you run but never got this runners high.

    About three months ago I started just walking daily and after walking long enough I just felt the natural need to run . The first day I ran I was surprised I did so well on my normal route that would normally leave me beat

    After more consistent running I got really good and one day last week I ran my route in the morning, then later on the evening i did it again…doesn't sound huge but was to me

    Before I got committed that route would kick my ass and then leave me done for the day. But I ran it twice and the crazy thing is, I felt I could do more and wanted to

    I was so surprised at this that I looked up these videos to see if I started feeling this runners high. It really is an odd thing, so much for me I had to research it. It honestly a weird feeling but I get it now, running is kinda dope as shit

  11. Feels like going through a wave of warm water that just tingles and makes you feel incredibly relaxed even while you're putting out maximal effort. You feel like your feet have wings; you can run forever.

  12. Experienced it properly for the first time today during the last bit and after a 10 mile run. During the last bit of the run I just felt like I was in autopilot mode and it felt like I didn’t really have to put in any effort to run …I was in this state of flow and felt like I could keep going ..after the run I did feel euphoria and felt this warm feeling in my head like there was a rush of blood ..I felt super relaxed and happy and just laid there looking at a tree and feeling grateful for everything 🙂

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