What is CCELL?

“What is CCELL?” In this episode, we explain why CCELL is the best performing Vape Pen for Plant-Based Essential Oils, review the entire CCELL lineup, and …


  1. B.S. ccell is not refillable. Creates waste. Sometimes i wanna cruise, creates more of a tolerance. I care a lot about the environment and these things are so wasteful.

  2. Wait… if I'm going to show up at Trump Tower dressed as the monopoly banker I've GOT to be vaping on the Rolls Royse of vapes. The Ferrari messes up the hat and fogs up my monacle.

  3. My medical lab provider uses these for high grade medicinal cannabis oil! They work flawlessly all the time! Almost like dabbing but all whole lot less work! Paired with your palm battery ! Big hits if you want!!! Big Big thanks ✌️

  4. I have a ceramic 810 brand knockoff ccell and it sucks dick, I need the real
    Deal, I love making my own E-Juice with terps,wax liquidizer and yellow rosin. ,SAVES U A SHIT TON OF MONEY FOLKS.

  5. CCELL has definitely created the standard for all plant-based carts on the market. The new AVD carts that are now being used in the WA and OR recreational markets hit as hard as a CCELL, but are essentially the exact same thing but cheaper. You should do a review to compare the two.

  6. I have a mod vaporeso and they carry CCELL tanks will it work with concentrates i do E-Cig nicotine and i use medical cannabis oil will like to have the option to do both

  7. I've tried some of these ccells cartridges before from a dispensary that had their own branding which lead me to believe they were fake ccells because one stopped functioning and one started leaking but they were legit they had ccell and the model of the cartridge engraved on the bottom of the cartridge. You guys should look into making a website to order from and browse. I tried ordering from Apex website but the website was unfinished and catered to only bulk orders.

  8. Great info. I finally learned why authentic CCELL cartridges are better performance. Very interested and currently researching whether or not these are viable for me or not. I am curious if the cost is similar to Apex's advertised cost. Thank you for great channel!

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