1. I grew 2 of these plants and the genetics were completely off the charts. The first one was a freak and budded at the node of the main stem. It was the frostist bud I’ve ever seen but very little yeald. The second one looked amazing with the longest white hairs I’ve ever seen but hardly any crystals. I’m done with this strain and won’t waist any more time growing it until it’s more stabilized.

  2. 48 hours of darkness? I've tried that and I know a few other people that have tried that, end result….no difference whatsoever…imo,just wasting 2 days of drying time.

  3. I got 3 free ap seeds and grew out 2 outdoors and both plants had some some of the frostiest bud I've ever grown. My buds are extremely frosty and dense no fluffiness one plant had big cone shape nugs and the other had more of a golf ball shape and the high is extremely potent.

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