1. Fwiw, I support legalizing, but this guy is just a dumba$$. Even if it was legal, firing it up in a courtroom would never be allowed. Looking like a fool is not a good way to protest.

  2. I promise I know this guy from high school. Please don't make this guy an idol of yours. He's a fool. I agree with the legalization of marijuana as well. This is not the way to do it. Don't be inspired. This was foolish.

    If you don't believe me, he has a video where he compares himself to Rosa Parks.


  3. you suck WFMY News and that Bonehead at courtroom we are human beings and Earth is our home and anything a human wants to do is there businesses fucking control world and the CIA puts coke and other drugs on the streets all a $$$$$$$$$$ making bs system

  4. He is a great guy for standing up to the courthouse and he is right we deserve better, even if it wasn't a joint, he shows how the courts think they can control the people and to be honest we are sick of your stupid crap and our generation is going to fight for our rights. And btw the law states in the Constitution that a crime can only be committed if there is an injured party (i dont think that intended the court house pride) and he reserves the right to not be judged. He doesn't need to follow mans laws only those given by nature and god.

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