Wake & Bake America 969: Medical Marijuana In Missouri & Companion Planting

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  1. The dude just seems more upbeat and in tune when he is actually on studio with Scotty. Bet your one of those guys that just makes people happy bein in the room Mr real 😁 keep the good content coming 👌🏼🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👍🏼🔥

  2. Bugs leaves patterns like the way they eat ,this info is stored in the plants DNA and passes to next generation's dna .
    "Plant Sensing and Communication" by Richard Karban ,
    and the more advanced book into this topic "Sensory in Biology of Plants" by springer, include amazing info ,best gifts for guru ,Scotty!!

  3. I live in MO with my fiancé and we’re allowed 6 plants in flower and 6 clones each. So that’s 12 plants and 12 clones year round at our house. There’s no regulation on size that I’ve seen but we’re supposed to dispose of the excess cannabis over the monthly limit lol. The state house floor erupted in laughter when this provision came up. No one is going to regulate it. So far I’m pleased with rollout

  4. I agree with Scotty about fashionable marijuana. I think many recreational users of these brands will miss out on some of the best qualities of marijuana. These fashions may also give newcomers a bad experience that can turn them off of the culture, and this could reinforce stereotypes. However, entry-level cannabis can be a stepping stone to lifestyle brands which can in turn be a stepping stone to hand crafted marijuana.

  5. Well I hit the Thumbs up Instantly seeing this "in studio" SHOWWWW!!!!!!! Boyz my second paycheck will be coming, and NIKOLAI IS COMING ABOARD!!!!!!! We'll see u guys on the Flip side all the time, because I have taken advantage of this service for as long as I've discovered y'all, so I'm certainly indebted to you Boyz for ALL YALL DO!!! I LUV YOU GUYS !! Mad growerz Luv!!

  6. There is a place for Automation in gardening boys! You don't have to flip your lights on/off when it's time do you? We all use some level of Automation. Frankly for me personally I'm glad I can go on vacation and I don't need to find a trustee to take care of my garden. Without some of the daily tasks i would normally do, I can spend that time looking over my plants. Happy Growing!

  7. Surfer seeds point break is a great strain & a is a amazing breeder! But phat panda is the Walmart of weed & is garbage! I work in the WA Rec market and phat panda is quantity not quality! Fr

  8. 29:40 – Official Missouri Patient Cultivation Regulations https://www.sos.mo.gov/CMSImages/AdRules/csr/current/19csr/19c30-95.pdf
    One (1) qualifying patient may cultivate up to six (6) flowering marijuana plants,
    six (6) nonflowering marijuana plants (over
    fourteen (14) inches tall), and six (6) clones
    (plants under fourteen (14) inches tall) at any
    given time in a single, enclosed locked facility. Two (2) qualifying patients, who both
    hold valid qualifying patient cultivation identification cards, may share one (1) enclosed,
    locked facility. No more than twelve (12)
    flowering marijuana plants, twelve (12) nonflowering plants, and twelve (12) clones may
    be cultivated in a single, enclosed locked
    facility, except when one (1) of the qualifying
    patients, as a primary caregiver, also holds a
    patient cultivation identification card for a
    third qualifying patient, in which case that
    primary caregiver may cultivate six (6) additional flowering marijuana plants, six (6)
    additional nonflowering marijuana plants,
    and six (6) additional clones for a total of
    eighteen (18) flowering marijuana plants,
    eighteen (18) nonflowering marijuana plants,
    and eighteen (18) clones in a single, enclosed
    locked facility.

  9. Scotty that skull bong is freaking awesome! I’m not mad that someone spends that much money on a piece of art like that and actually takes it and shares it with others at a party which is what its meant to do. It would be way worse if they bought it and it sat on a shelf and never got used, kinda like someone who buys an exotic supercar and lets it sit in their garage and hauls it on a trailer everywhere. It’s meant to be used! Cheers Brotha, Much love!

  10. I feel Scotty. I have a thick MediCali glass rig spent a couple hundred on it and it will last a lifetime, excellent quality. I don't need a $100,000 bong that's just a "hey look at what I can afford" piece.

  11. Big up on the Chris Cornell and the Soundgarden loud love reference man u are always on your sh*t luv u hope to be in future dgc cup…like always hit like tell a growmie!!

  12. 🤟🌱🌴🤟 KANSAS City, MO 🤟🌱🌴🤟 Medical finally 🤟🌱🌴🤟
    Many thanks for your on point advice. I have been watching for the last 9 months and still listen to early podcasts and daily content. Stay strong guys.

  13. The DGC does a lot to redefine the "stoner" stereotype. The word will become obsolete in the same way that the no one calls anyone a "nerd" anymore. While book knowledge became very important in the workplace, so will knowledge about being high. It is healing everyone's bad habits so they can be healthy physically, mentally and socially.

  14. Thanks for the freebies when I joined. If I need more males I know where to go. Out of 5 beans of alien tarantula I got 3 males and 2 that did not pop. Kinda bummed about it but not much I can do know.

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