Voters getting a say about marijuana sales

Voters in Michigan decriminalized recreational marijuana in November, but in the months that have followed, dozens of municipalities have opted out of a major …


  1. I hope the people overturn their stupidity. Our state needs revenue, maybe our representatives should be paid on a scale that includes state revenues. The people that have a problem with legalization simply don’t want to give up a form of oppression. They want you to believe their concerns are “safety”, that’s debunked simply by looking at their acceptance of alcohol and fast food. We have a ton of alcoholics and more than literal tons of overweight people, but they’re fine with that. Drunk driving has always been a huge problem, we even have our own videos of Michigan cops being drunk behind the wheel. It’s disappointing how attached they are to locking people up for something harmless, in every video they stress the circumstances where you could still be arrested for marijuana. We simply need to vote these people out, for the rest of my life I will base my votes on who’s for legalizing recreational marijuana. Anyone against it, I will vote against. These people make me sick, we have real problems but they want to target something harmless.

  2. Yeah go ahead and opt-out heaven forbid your tiny little crappy Town's reputation become tarnished because you're participating in something completely legal the same thing as a bar in your crappy little town… but guess what you can't say anyting the voters will speak just watch

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