1. Hiya kim i take cbd oil 2 drops twice aday as ive got some health problems and i can honestly say its help me immensely, i feealot better taking it. It helps with inflammation which helps my conditions. My consultants know about it and they support me taking it as it makes me feel better which at the end of the the day thats what is good for me, so ide say yes definitely give it ago and see if it helps kim xxx❤️

  2. That's a lovely farm shop but so expensive, no way I could shop there, I enjoyed looking though, so take me there again 😄
    If you find out how to make the shots yourself will you do a video please x
    ps. Wouldn't that CBd tea be almost cold after 20 mins 🥴

  3. I love Daylesford, shame it’s such a long drive for me, I live in Surrey. I’m definitely going to pick some of that tea up next time I go.
    I definitely need to make my own ginger shots as I like to have them everyday.
    Ian has the same view as my husband if there’s no meat in it you can’t call it a sausage or a burger 🤦🏼‍♀️

  4. You two are hilarious 😅at the moment I am taking vitamin D oil you would think living in Australia we wouldn’t need it but we always use sunscreen , and stay out of the sun and of course work indoors especially where I live it sunny most of the time . also have to agree with Ian on the sangers 😉

  5. Hi Kim, I take a general multi vitamin but for veggies and vegans! (I’m vegetarian) and I also take magnesium to help me sleep, not sure if it’s working though! Both supplements are from Holland and Barrett. That health store looked amazing!!! You could spend an absolute fortune there by the look of it.

  6. Hi Kim, I have just started taking Multi-Vitamins for 50+ women, Vitamin C, Fish Oil and also Evening Primrose which all women should take for their hormones . The health people say that the Mediterranean Diet is very good for you. I don’t believe that Vegan diet are at all .
    You do get beef Sausages . Can you do a Vlog in Holland and Barret Health Shop as I don’t have Daylesford place on my area. Please

  7. Kim you’ve got to look into making your own shots. £2.50 a go is crazy for some apple cider vinegar & turmeric. Get some apple cider vinegar from home bargains, they do a fab unfiltered organic one for about £1.50. Either take a turmeric capsule or add some out of a jar or even better try & get some fresh. Either way doing it yourself costs practically nothing compared to buying it from places like that. Also, those expensive vitamins are no different from any other. They all have to pass certain regulations. The well woman ones are good & are about £6. Not trying to shit all over your good intentions btw it’s just I’ve done literally everything you’re doing & until I started looking into things I didn’t realise. My brother is a chemist & he’s always telling me things like £1 shop vitamins are the same as the £49 ones from Holland & Barrett. Xx

  8. I have suffered FMS for over 23 years.After all conventional meds stoped working I tried CBD I started with the oil and found it very hard to take.Then I tried the capsules.I got about three weeks relief then had to increase strength to the maximum.Eventually there was no point in spending the money as I was not getting any relief eventually.I was costing about £280 a month.I would pay it if I got relief but it simply stopped working
    Be careful with Tumeric,it almost burnt a hole in my stomach lining.
    That was a beautiful place you visited.Thank you for taking us along.

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