Vincent Pedre IBS | Leaky Gut | Functional medicine | Microbiome (2019)

Vincent Pedre – A heart felt discussion with Integrative Health practitioner, Vincent Pedre on the mental, physical and emotional aspects of optimising your Gut …


  1. If people would listen actually instead of bitching about him selling pills….wouldn't be looking on YouTube and searching about how to get better….you don't have to buy his pills but here he shares lots great information and he knows his shit…

  2. As a med student I can say one of my ( male)classmate he fainted every single time
    He saw blood / in the OR or any surgery department floor room where patients were having their dressing changed. Some can’t adjust to this forever.

  3. THANK YOU for SPEAKING SO LOUDLY TO THE THINGS WE NEED TO BE DOING TO GET HEALTHIER.. WHEAT AND DAIRY ARE SO SO BAD FOR MANY OF US.. I HAVE GUT HEALTH ISSUES and HAVE HAD FOR TOO MANY YEARS… all this information is so amazing.. thanks for sharing your knowledge.. our gut tells us all.. it has more serotonin then our brains, thank goodness that we listen to our guts, all my life I had so much stress, even married a man who at the beginning caused me so much stress being verbally abusive and a mother who was verbally abusive, then I listened to my gut. I listened to my body and finally rid myself of wheat and dairy, then things got better. Thanks for being the example that we need to get better. You have the whole package, yoga, meditate, positive affirmations, healthy diet, and you are intutive, and empathy. I agree that words are power.. I taught my 4 sons to speak kindly to each other. Even being surrounded by negative we need to let our light shine and show the world that life can be kinder, and more loving. I connected so much with this today because I have tight hips and now am experiencing knee problems and back issues this video has taught me so much. Covid has caused me to not moving as much, but I need to conquer this and yoga being the practice I need daily. thank you so much for your powerful words. Namaste.

  4. I accidentally clicked on Dr Padre on my phone 30 mins later still have not got to the point. so I Youtube him that why I'm here to comment. Dr Vincent Pedre, He is suck big time, Listen every one; believe me or not we all sales man, we sell our wife a story to get approved buying a new car, you sold yourself at the interview so you got your job, your kids sold you a story and they got the trip to Disney, Bible man came around sold you story and you became religious Sunday church every week but you have 5 minutes to get to to point or you will loose the sales.

  5. COMPRE ENZYME 365 Y SUNBIOTIC 365.😁 mi peso es de 200 libras ,nada agradable para ser Yo una mujer.En mi experiencia estoy muy contenta porque estoy viendo resultados en mi abdomen poco a poco sobre todo esta desasiednose la llanta de mi cintura.Puedo decir que ya puedo cerrar mi pantalón sin problema y además no se me dobla la retina de mi pantalon.A mi no me pagan nada por decirles esto! Es mi experiencia y Ustedes saben si lo compran o no.Yo si estoy muy satisfecha.Digestivamnete no se te queda esa comida atorada en tu sistema digestivo ,Esroy lista para moverme para un ejercicio..😁

  6. his youtube commercials are annoying, i love coffee and i thank God i am doing great. This doctor does not look very healthy, looks slim but not energized, impressive that he gives suggestions to replace coffee…..give me a break

  7. People just need to have respect and patience something the other two gentlemen have and yes maybe a little long but very interesting 😁 👍🏻🙏

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