VIDEO: Gov. Lamont addresses legalizing marijuana in State of the State

One of the issues Governor Ned Lamont spoke about in his State of the State speech was legalizing recreational marijuana.


  1. › 2019/06/12 › colorado-passes-1-billion-in-marijuan…
    Colorado passes $1 billion in marijuana state revenue
    Colorado just reached $1 billion in total marijuana state revenue. … Published Wed, Jun 12 20193:00 PM EDT Updated Thu, Jun 13 20195:36 PM EDT … with Colorado revenue reaching its highest monthly take ever in April … In February 2014, the first month with sales tracking data, total state revenue was $3.5 million.
    ——————————————— that is about the revenue
    ———————————— this is about the driving
    you already paid for the study nhtsa stand for National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
    The government study …..
    During a 20-month study of 10,858 drivers in Virginia Beach, researchers working 24/7 compared drug and alcohol readings from people involved in crashes against similar people (at the same time of day and location) who kept their cars intact. The main takeaway: (right here the important part)
    When factoring age, sex, and race, there was no “significant increased risk of crash involvement” due to marijuana use. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
    good idea democrats…good idea republicans ….not all boomers are idiots….vote for your freedom…it is why our country exists…lived in denver for 17 years…loved it…you should visit..

  2. Bad idea Democrats see you at the POLLS ! Colorado tried this little experiment and it fell “Flat On It’s Face”. They wanted to raise tax revenue on the sale of marijuana. What happened was organized crime gangs moved into the state undercutting the states price for the drug. Hence the State of Colorado could not raise anywhere near the amount of tax revenue they have hoped. Fatal car accidents will increase dramatically. The cost to change the law, release current prisoners, expunge criminal records will be astronomical to Connecticut taxpayers. Burglaries, assaults and armed robberies will increase dramatically as addicts try to feed their “habit”. We don’t need more “ZOMBIES “ walking our streets threatening citizens of our state as is the case in California! Laws are meant to protect people from one another. This bill introduced by the Democrats, If passed, will undoubtably lead to the further erosion of society and quality of life in Connecticut. The destruction it will cause, mostly in urban areas,will heavily outweigh any benefit. Maybe that’s what the Democrats had in mind after all. How better to control people by keeping them ignorant, “high”and impoverished.

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