VaderVlog – Hawaii Cannabis Expo 2019

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  1. As You Get Older You Just Might Figure Out That Buying An Enclosed Trailer For OGS Convention Stuff Where You Just Hook It Up & Drive Would Be Easier…

  2. Vader, I'm looking at getting into growing here in Oklahoma. It just became legal for medical only. I have learned so much from your videos. They are fun to watch. Thanks so much. I have one question that I am having a hard time finding the info. How many plants can you put under one $400 1000W light? I'm trying to figure out how many lights I am going to need to buy for $250 plants.

  3. Hey there. Heard yea on DGS with scottie. You mentioned a Highlander Pheno type thats not a strain. Is there any seeds or seed breeders that sell a strain i can try to find that highlander pheno?

  4. Hey Vader glad to see you back! Watched a couple of your recent videos and was just curious if you’re doing anything different as far as methods of growing? If so do you plan on doing an in depth “how I grow” type video? Anyways again glad to see you back and I’m happy I get to follow along again! Stay safe brotha

  5. Who you spend time with his so important. I wouldn’t waste a second with someone I didn’t like. I would probably find space in my checked baggage for my volcano vape though. Tropic Moon has a great vape high. Bubblefish has some balls “best genetics your gonna find” 🎤 drop.

  6. VaderOG, do you not think it's about time you started to sell your seeds in the UK? I have asked you this last year but still no seeds here. Get your arse into gear and get on it. Aloha.

  7. Bubble cracks me up. Great video Vader. Last time I was in Hawaii I slept on the beach in Waikiki. Wouldn’t recommend it unless your used to it. Did not sleep well but did get a a 1/2 oz of Thai stick. It was wrapped in cellophane. AWSOME

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