1. 1:43 Trump* is NOT a billionaire – why do you think he is SO DESPERATE to stop his taxes coming out?

    Also, how hypocritical are you? You spend your whole clip hurling abuse at people who have a different opinion than yours, treating them like dirt in a disgusting display of aggression and then end your diatribe with "Peace, Out". There was nothing peaceful in the whole video and I bet your response to this will be equally as aggressive! Oh, the irony of it.

  2. Joey.. it’s a good video shot. Cool that it would appear as Fiber optic, so this is a matter of Frequency.. looks near visible (close to 395 nanometer range) **yet, what will this do? Objective: Kill viruses, (harmful) bacteria, and… detox? Gotta get this right. Are there side effects? Really good to know, prior to speaking on this. Joey, politicians come and go. Be a man of Truth and integrity and let’s not give the Medical community a heart attack (from wrong advice). UV is going to make a great surge in benefits applied correctly.. Disinfectants… That is harmful internally, so be honest. There is a place for Hydrogen Peroxide, but a medically trained person should be describing!

  3. Demoncrats keep on taking down these video! Because it speaks truth to their sheeple. Dems trying to win electoral vote with the number of illegal immigrants and samoli refugees in blue states sanctuary cities

  4. Trump could literally tell you people hes going to put you in a fucking concentration camp and youd all say its summer camp and that the democrats are trying to ruin it

  5. "Trump knows more than you" that's not how it works Buckaroo. You're the braindead loser who paid black people to beat up your car. Trump's suggested idiotic things after idiotic things without thinking anything through. He's only a billionaire because its all handed on a platter to him and all the experts around him telling him what move to make when.

  6. Myself I'm just a dumb old cabinet maker, and I've never heard of any of that, but when I heard President Trump say it… Right away it made sense to me, ever held a flashlight again the palm of your hand, and I'm pretty sure people are given injections of something to treat something pretty regular and finally my faith in President Trump is awful solid πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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