1. I thought it would be better to cut them off? Also if it is outdoor without a greenhouse I recommend leaving the leafs, if it is in a harsh environment, raining a lot, or a windy one. Weed can grow almost anywhere. Even in some parts of Alaska, that is on climate you don't want to cut the leafs in my opinion. Incase it gets too cold, windy, rainy the leafs are always the first to die; letting you know to either harvest early or put protection over it like a small greenhouse.

  2. Was terrified to do anything “off” during my first grow. My second grow in learning that during veg these girls can handle significant stress. Veg is the prep stage flower is the nurture stage. Love your video thanks!

  3. Day before flower strip virtually bare 20 days in strip again because by then there's twice as many only this time leave 2 leaves on every stem not huge ones just small /medium . Gram per watt smash it everytime .prove me wrong lmao

  4. Sounds like good advice,i will try it out.Can you tell me, Do i need to be feeding nutrients to my indoor grow ?
    my plants are in soil (Good quality Potting mix) or will there be enough nutrients in the mix for the duration of the grow ?

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