Top Trends of 2020 | CBD Oil?

In this video, I list out my top 3 trends I think will become a bigger deal in 2020. We are already starting to see some these hit the market. Will we see more?


  1. I don't want a wash, co-wash and conditioner. For two reasons. 1. Keep it simple stupid (Not calling anyone stupid. Figure of speech) 2. I can't afford to buy, nor do I want to buy all three. I want an all in one wash and I will condition my beard with oils and butters. This is way I currently only use Baarden's wash…because it is an all-in-one that I can use everyday.

  2. Packaging experience:
    Individually boxed oils and balms are excellent for brick and mortar presentation; It presents a larger product and tidy layout. When you browse down the aisles, all the boxes will be lined up in a row up to the edge of the shelf. Unboxed bottles will be higgledy piggledy. This benefits the seller and the collector.
    Products that are not individually boxed, however, have a lower footprint from supplier to consumer when purchasing direct from the supplier; Supplier doesn't pay for individual packaging, more product can be bundled in a smaller volume and weight, reduced waste for the consumer to discard/recycle.
    Personally, I would prefer less waste and lower shipping costs.

    CBD in product:
    Frankly, if I buy this product from an American vendor; I can not bring it across the border to Canada. The laws are written and clarified in a manner that does not make it legal to bring back to Canada.
    While it is interesting to see products made with CBD, I do hope that it doesn't supplant non-CBD products as the norm on dubious claims of benefit.

  3. Great vid brother with great stuff to think about! Packaging for me is always a welcome like whip cream and cherry on top of a sundae. I ordered the Sphinx samples at your recommendation and the presentation is phenomenal and compliments what is inside the package.

  4. Thanks for the video. I think the name co wash is confusing. It could be a conditioner or a beard wash w/ conditioner built in. I'd like to see beard wash for stripping; a beard wash w/ conditioner for daily use; and a conditioner for "co washing."

  5. Thanks for the video.
    Packaging is part of marketing and the big companies spend a ton on marketing. Take a look at women's cosmetics, they found the nicer it looks the more first time buyers will buy and then it's on the merits of the product.
    I tried co-washing for a bit but I, personally, didn't like how it left my beard feeling, it felt over conditioned to me. Because I generally don't get dirty I only wash my beard twice a week, one time with conditioner.
    Until the federal government relaxes restrictions for research on CBD we really won't know if there are true benefits or experiencing placebo effects. More research is needed for me to jump on that train.

  6. Great thoughts Tyson. Like I said on my video comment, I think the Co-wash isn’t wash and conditioner together but a lighter conditioner you can wash with. Deep conditioner is just that but you can also just wash with it as well but receive better benefits. That’s my theory but it’s based on no real info. Lol.

  7. The first 2 are already happening so they are already taking off. A cowash does clean while it conditions the best co wash I've tried so far is husky beard co. It lathers and conditions and a conditioner is like scotch porter just conditions. Packaging, if you want a small batch company you shouldn't care too much about packaging but if you want a small batch that's packaging makes it look like a big batch company. Defeats the purpose of wanting something that looks small batch. But I'm sure more companies are gonna do that since reviewers are making unboxing a big deal. And therefore making customers care more about the packaging. The biggest example is beardbrand over charging people for packaging but it works(gets customers) and CBD would make no sense but I'm sure some companies will do it but more are doing it for medicinal reasons not skin so much. For beard hempseed oil is enough. Scotch porter and mountaineer brand are the biggest companies so far that make CBD products we'll see how that goes. Plus CBD oil and Hempseed oil are different hope everyone knows. Good video for a bearded community conversation.

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  9. Good video-
    Re CBD: Have to agree with Baarden here. There's a huge CBD gold rush out there, not a lot of great studies, and very murky FDA stances on what is and is not allowed. For example, the FDA already bans CBD in food, supplements and pet products. That's not an opinion, that's actually the law. In fact the FDA actively is pursuing and shutting companies down for these products. That being said, the FDA does not explicitly ban it for cosmetics, but it's a slippery slope in that you cannot market it with "medical intention"… which includes customer reviews that imply its medical in nature (A Review that said, "dude this cured my eczema!" Would be an example). So it's a total land mine area to be in. The same fatty acid derived skin benefits can come from hemp seed oil and don't carry the same regulatory burden.

    Re unboxing: Packaging and presentation will always be king, and 100% will evolve as companies refine their target. (Us included)

    Good stuff man!

  10. Honestly, everyone seems to value the "small business/handmade/small batch" companies. Even to the point where some people will stray away from companies that may have started small, but have grown to be a bigger company. It's much easier for a larger company to give a presentation for the same price as just a bottle of oil from a smaller company. If we get too fancy and needy with it, it will eventually edge out smaller business in favor or larger who can pay more, or the expense will just be passed to the consumer like it is in every other market. Beardbrand comes in a box for $40. Bad Dog Beard Co doesn't for $15. And they each have a similar scent…

  11. Great video! I agree, packaging and presentation does matter. So glad with our soaps we don’t need a co-wash. Our soaps clean and condition. CBD oil I can see becoming a thing.

  12. Interesting take Tyson! We have not done enough research on CBD and currently have no plans to incorporate it in our base formula. I think the unboxing experience is important from a consumer perspective. I also think this can be obtained in several ways that doesn't have to include a fancy box. As a customer I do like a good presentation though. As far as a conditioner? I'm not sure it's necessary with the amount of conditioning products already on the market such as butters, co-washes and conditioning balms. Just my thoughts. Great video on conversation starters!

  13. Not a lot of studies have been able to objectively say whether or not topical use of CBD has any benefits above and beyond what you've mentioned, all of which can be derived from other similar sources such as hemp seed oil. Until any further definitive research comes out, CBD oil being added to a beard oil blend with claims of any medicinal purposes is a subjective claim and I hope that any company that chooses to do so makes this very transparent to their customers who may be expecting something above and beyond a soft beard and skin.

  14. I don't think you need a separate conditioner if you have a very good co-wash. Just a good beard wash and a good conditioning wash should suffice. Not sure about the CBD oil in beard product but it is inevitable.

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