Today’s Takeaway: Kids With Behavioral Issues? Evaluation Is Key

Dr. Phil says, if you’re dealing with children with special needs, “That’s not something you can love somebody through, or you can parent someone through,” and …


  1. These boys both need to be locked away from society. There is no amount of medication that can ever make them safe. These kids are so sick there is nothing that you can do for them. These the youngest I believe is psychopath, which means he does not have a conscious, the other I think is a sociopath because he knows what he is doing is horrible but does it anyway. The mother need professional help too because she never got over her husband's death. Ariana, you need help as well to deal with your issues. You have the heart of gold and you are meant to do a lot of good in this world. Your love for even these kids is astounding because if that child would have killed my dog, I would have done things that would have gotten me kicked out of the home for good.

    If you are reading this Ariana, I want you to know you are an Angel on Earth and I wish you abundance and happiness in the future. For the mother, I hope you get the help you need and can become a better person. For the eldest boy, there may be hope for you, so I wish you the best of luck with your mental health and hope you can cope with your disorders and become a productive member of society. For the youngest boy, I truly believe you need to be kept away from people, however, I wish you to do something that can benefit others. I wish for you to atone for the evil things you have done to people, for you to get medical help, and learn how to love others instead of getting angry at a classmate for saying "oof". I wish this whole family the best of luck and I hope we get an update!

  2. Excuse me, but what's to be done when your child has been sern by 5 psychologists, 2 neurologists, series of therapists, more "drs" and they says he's on the spectrum, but with 30 NOC's and is DD. In addition the school says and does little, not following dr's orders.

    What happens is the child loses out on typical Activities, acceptance from classmates , and the probability of normality in the future. Behaviors appear and escalate until mitigation protocols are in place and the child learns to self regulate. This whole process is one sided, our side verses the let's get him in and out as quickly as possible and onto the next appt. And the child is at a loss.

  3. When someone tells you they will kill you, believe them and act accordingly. I really hope they took up whatever treatment program Dr. Phil prescribed because society may end up putting them down before they can visit their problems on anyone else otherwise.

  4. When I was a child I wanted to kill myself before i could harm anyone else. Nonw as an adult I still wish I had. I would have saved a lot of people a lot o suffering if I had just ended it. But I guess I can't cause I'm a big coward.

  5. I wonder if these boys have paranoid schizophrenia. There was a boy I went to middle school with that made plans to bomb the place. He was diagnosed, put on meds, and put in an alternative school. Now he's a fairly normal adult having his meds right.

  6. What is the difference between diagnosis and labels? Dr. Phil always says he doesn't label people, but once you have you "evaluation" based on the diagnosis, you got a label on your forehead.

  7. The Ranch? What about Alcatraz? Does anyone know what tangible steps Dr. Phil is directing in this case? All three kids seem to have been seriously neglected. IMO, don't think the mother will do anything based on her long history, which started before husband was killed. IMO, she seems totally detached, not responsible and not accountable.

  8. One of them boys will end up on the news for shooting up the high school and killing a lot of kids . It starts with killing animals. I pray to god this family gets the help they need

  9. I hate each and every one of these mothers putting their children on blast. You're the adult, that is a child. And it is blatantly obvious that the child is mentally disturbed because you're failing to be a parent, instead asking for attention and pretending to be a victim.

  10. Why would they even have privileges such as electronics. The law says I have have to feed and clothe them and keep a roof over their head. That’s it. These issues took a long time to get this out of control. That poor young lady. God bless her and I pray for them.

  11. I really hope that Dr Phil organises medical and psychological assistance for Ariana.
    She is such a wonderful young lady and I hope she starts having some joy in her life 💕💕

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