The epidemic of the "I Know All" expert | Mikhail (Doctor Mike) Varshavski | TEDxMonteCarlo

It is said that the more you learn, the less you know. However according to Mikhail Varshavski, also known as the social media star “Doctor Mike”, we have too …


  1. All of this screams to me that most people are scared of saying, "I don't know", and that people are scared to have so many questions. Part of that sounds like the human fear of the unknown, but most of it sounds like all of what I 'learned' from public schooling. The large message I found was always, "You have to know everything, don't ask questions, and if you can't do this you're a failure." We need to be curious again. Listen, communicate, collaborate, and discover.

  2. IKA experts are just marketers and sales people who can talk their way out of situations when the basic answer is to just say i dont know and move on. They just want money and bank off your uncertainty.

  3. The reason I love this man is that he puts a distinction between medicine and marketing for fake products. He understands his role in the community. He really wants people to live healthy life and not get influence by "marketing products". He is a man with great intentions. All only endorse products that he truly believes in. This country needs more doctors like him 🙂

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