The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 104- Feminization of USA, Snitch Garcetti, Defiance, Coronavirus

Los Angeles, CA- Time to go beyond Bitcoin! During times of fear people are willing to listen to insane solutions they never would have considered in the past.


  1. You are right. Even if the made-up crisis makes it easier to profit personally, a long-term thinker realizes that he's not better off with a bigger slice of a smaller pie. Still gonna take it when it's right there on the table, though (as simple as buying and holding Bitcoin). Honestly, it isn't even about the economics; what matters more to me is that people are sovereign, free-thinking, propaganda-repellent individuals.

    About defecation… On my 32-day fast, I defecated day 14 (small clump of black tar, possibly the Devil himself), day 24 (small clump, more normal color), day 25 (a pretty normal shit, to my surprise) and day 29 (same again). Had been doing broth OMAD a week before starting the fast, so nothing came out before long into it. But it felt really good to eventually get rid of whatever it was.

    Anyways, good show!

  2. Pound that like button. Just saying nonsense in the comments to potentially rank this video higher. Have to use quotes just to find the proud zionist jew channel thanks to the facist bootlickers

  3. Dude, why do you flaunt that are you a proud ZIONIST, per your channel name? A Jew OK, but why be proud of the current state of Zionism, that is filled with totally secular and godless representatives? Orthodox Jews, who believe in the original word and command that no Nation of Israel shall be formed until the coming of Moshiach, spit upon the political zionism that you are so proud of. Rothschild purchased Isis-ra-el should have you doing some more investigation.

  4. I notice that some utubers are using the word ‘Rona’ to avoid having videos taken down on utube.

    I’ve heard that if the full word is used the video is automatically removed.

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