1. Jesus christ, these cannabis players will go bk. The buds are gonna get commoditized, margins will get destroyed, ramping competition. This is not a sector for investment.

  2. Lol the company is a joke. The price it's at is where it will stay cause acb is the biggest joke of the MJ industry lol reverse split or bankruptcy will be next. How anyone can believe in this company is beyond me

  3. SP dropped 15% on this news, but I've seen bigger drops on no news. Nothing new came out that people weren't already expecting. The write-off on goodwill? This wasn't a secret, so it was just a matter of time. Layoffs? It's to be expected at this time, and better now than later. It sounds bad, but for the company to cut costs, it needs to be done, and I'm sure they'll still be able to keep up with production needs for the time. Health Canada is still rolling out new stores slowly, and the excess flower can be used to produce edibles. No big deal. I'm also seeing an increase in institutional investors. Name one big or very successful company with 80-90% retail holders. More retail also means higher volatility, especially in a new sector driven by speculation. I see an increase in institutional holders as adding more stability, since speculation and emotion-driven buys/sells are bad. Booth and Battley stepping aside isn't a bad thing, either. They are still with the company, but in different positions. People see them stepping down as "jumping ship", which isn't true, since they are still there in some capacity. Hopefully Peltz is working on something big, but news can be hard to find regarding what he's doing at this time.

  4. Are you able to comment on your next video about Midas Letters comment on no management is holding ACB's stock anymore except Terry Booth having merely 20000-ish shares? Thank you Daniel.

  5. Love your comments, perhaps another background for your video's since the door knobs look like there is something stuck on the lens. Also here in Europe we have no idea about what cannabis does on street level. Meaning, perhaps interview some new dispensary owners to really get the feel of how busy the stores are. How popular are edibles really? Perhaps possible to go to an LP to see if production is really ramping up to provide unbelievable demand.

  6. I agree with your observation about Mr. Pelz is working behind the scene to help Aurora. Who knows Mr. Friedmann
    might be the next Aurora's CEO. However, I am sure Mr. Pelz will find one for Aurora. Great video as always.

  7. I bought at 1.87, sold 1.72. Might buy back in if it goes to the 1.50 range, but other than that I’ll wait to see their earnings — which I don’t expect to be spectacular so the stock will dip a little more.

  8. When I realized the trading was paused on thursday I looked exactly the same way!
    I'm holding at an average of 1.87$

    Daniel, how do you see the development on the other side of the lake? Especially in conservative, good, old Germany? (btw: I'm still surprised that we are that far by now!)
    Aurora, Aphria and Demacan (local startup with 3,5€ support from Germany's favourite beer "Krombacher") are constructing their production facilities right now. 2 days ago, the political party
    "Die Grünen" (The Greens), who fight for decriminalization/legalization since at least 2 decades, announced the need for a "legalization project". Not the first of it's kind, but the most ambitioned:
    They want to push it through the "Düsseldorfer Landtag", the local government of North-Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), the most crowded and economically most important part of Germany. We share a long border with our friend, the old wise man of cannabis, the Netherlands, who sticks to what works for 45 years now and keeps ignoring Euopean pressure constantly. The Dutch approach, regarding the supply of their "dispensaries", is something that I don't want to reflect in this context, everything else works as a perfect example where the journey will go to. If this legalization project really becomes reality, now or later, it will be the match on the fuse.
    I refer to the articel of "rp-online" of February 6th 2020
    "Grüne wollen in NRW Modellversuch für Cannabis-Freigabe"

    last but not least: Keep up the good work!

  9. Just bought 1000 shares, cost me 1350£, don't know good or bad, but i ain't going to withdraw it until they go up to at least 5. otherwise let them burn.The biggest regret that i had the chance to buy NIO when it was 1.5 and Tesla when was 200

    By the way, just subscribed.

  10. I love it that ACB is crashing. I will buy more. A month or so ago, i got to 1.60s or 1.50s, but I wasn't ready, then it started to recover so I thought I missed the best buying opportunity. I am very happy to see that it will likely break new lows. I am going to load up and ride. I still love the company and still feel confidence in the company. Long ACB

  11. Maybe today Planet 13 will surpass Aurora
    I am so glad I sold half my ACB @ 8.75, moved it to Planet 13
    Neptune Earnings feb 13th, if it goes sour on me I swear I'll never buy another Canadian marijuana stock again.
    Glad I sold all my Hexo and Canopy 6 months ago. I just started trading about 8 months ago, Thank God for AXSM or I'd be losing some money : )

  12. Exactly what's needed at this time for ACB. The additions are, ridiculously massive. Institutional investors are going to love all of this, and pour money in here. Including the write downs and lay offs. It's all streamlining and gearing up for the next level.
    Good Stuff, Bro.

  13. Aurora is going to become one big Zenabis, the whole sector is going that way. Sure a few companies are doing great but for how long? Revenues will not be enough in Canada to float all these companies.

  14. He never stepped down, this is optics, he plans to exert same power and misdirection moving forward. Until he leaves altogether Aurora reminds a nightmare investment, No one is investing until he's completely gone.

    Why would someone want a senior advisor who is unqualified to direct? It's laughable. No sane investor would put a penny into Aurora until Terry is 100% eliminated. Real talk. Stop trying to bullshit intelligent people.

  15. All looks good to me I have a buy limit set @ 1.75 so if it opens anything under that it will buy my ordered shares And I'll keep chasing it if I have to Great job again. Looking forward to the rest of your videos

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