Sweet sweet codeine: Nigeria's cough syrup crisis – BBC Africa Eye documentary

In Nigeria, thousands of young people are addicted to codeine cough syrup – a medicine that’s become a street drug. The Nigerian senate estimates that 3 …


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  2. This is not as bad as in my country, Nowdays there is new drug that called "Liquid Mushroom" its smoke with vape mod or vape pod. Its really bad, if you smoke that, in your head you will think 50% you are dead, and 50% you are alive. Its sold on 25 dollar a bottle 35ml.

  3. The sad truth about this documentary is that these pharmacists and underworld dealers of these codeine in this video are not even arrested as a lesson to others

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  5. I've tried it a few times. One of my buddies would drink it every time I saw him ever so often. He got addicted to heroine afterwards and died of an overdose. I dont really like opiates makes me feel like shit.

  6. Same problem in Zimbabwe and SA ( bronclear syrup ), Nigeria (biolin syrup) America (lean) , India (corex syrup)….and many many more countries , different names but the same poison…

    Pharmaceutical companies are the new drug lords..and it's legal. Still people get arrested for weed

  7. This is exactly what happens when a government institutes prohibition to "help" the people. Human beings are going to make poor choices (ie alcohol and cigarettes). It is impossible for the state to protect us from ourselves. Furthermore, by what right and philosophical justification does a government have to impose it's will on supposedly free human beings anyway?

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